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How to use your ACC student email account addresses are reserved for educational institutions. Students often have these addresses in addition to their personal addresses. Your student email is essential as a student at Austin Community College District.

In this article, we’ll look at why you should get your ACC student email and how to log in, recover, and change your password. and much more. Read on!

What is an ACC student email?

This is an email from Austin Community College. You must have one because you are a current student at that school. This account is very important to students because it is one of the main ways schools communicate with students about classes, registrations, and more. Students are also more likely to submit assignments using this account.

Your ACC student email demands more professionalism. If you want to send emails casually, you can utilize ACC school email addresses when sending emails in a more formal setting.

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How do I get ACC student emails?

login ACC online service To find your ACCmail address. Select ACCmail from the Student menu. Your ACCmail username, initial password, and link to activate your new ACCmail account are also located here.

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Should ACC use my ACCmail account?

Registered students should use their own ACCmail account when interacting with ACC teachers and staff.

If you don’t want to view your emails through ACCmail provided by Google’s web client, you can configure another email application to view them.

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How do I configure POP or IMAP in ACC Student Email?

When configuring POP or IMAP, use your full email address ([email protected]) and clear captcha For Google Apps accounts.

You must enter your ACCmail password to utilize POP or IMAP. If you have not already done so, you can change your ACCmail password by going to ACC mail password setting. You must first authenticate yourself by entering your ACCeID and password. You can then set or modify your ACCmail password.

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Who has access to my ACCmail email address?

Gmail’s proprietary spam and virus filtering features are also present in the Google Apps Education version. please see this site More details.

There are no restrictions on who can send mail to the ACC Student Email. You may also receive mail for non-educational purposes.

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Can I access my ACCmail using another email program?

Yes. POP, IMAP and mobile email systems can all help you access your ACCmail account. See the link provided below for more details. When setting up your email subscription, enter your username as [email protected] and enter your ACCmail password.

  • Visit Google’s website for POP configuration instructions.
  • Go to Google’s website for IMAP configuration instructions.
  • Portable (Web, Blackberry, iPhone)

How long will I have access to my ACC student email address?

You can keep your ACCmail account for as long as you like. Schools do not deactivate after graduation.

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Is there a limit to the number of people I can send messages to my ACC student email?

To prevent spam and abuse, Google will temporarily block your account in the following cases:

  • Send messages to over 2000 recipients. If you’re using a POP or IMAP client (such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail), you can only message 100 people at the same time.
  • Sending a large number of undeliverable text messages.

The school must reactivate your account within 24 hours.

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What’s the biggest message you can send to an ACC student email?

You can send and receive messages up to 20MB in size, including attachments. Messages larger than 20 MB will not be delivered to you and will be returned to the sender.

If I am a student and employee, will I be assigned an ACCmail email address?

Yes. All currently enrolled students are assigned an ACCmail email address.

Why do I need to know my ACC student email address?

This .EDU email account has several perks only available to students with .EDU emails. For example, there are amazing discounts on various coveted products from Apple, Dell and more.

You can save money on internet services like Dropbox, Spotify, Amazon and LastPass.

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Is ACC student email service Gmail or Outlook?

ACC uses the Gmail email service.

How can I contact Austin Community College?

If students are unable to visit campus, they may complete and submit documents to the Admissions and Enrollment Officer ([email protected]) via their official ACC student email account. All information is also available on the website.

A scholarship specialist can work with you one-on-one to complete the application process.

make an appointment Speak with a Strategic Programs Specialist or email us at mailto:[email protected]

How do I log in to my ACC student email?

Turn on ACCmail to log in to your ACC student email. If you haven’t already enabled it, you will need to import and enable it: ACCeID and password. This is required to activate your ACCmail account.

  • Go to ACC Mail Account management section.
  • Enter your ACCeID and password in the appropriate fields.
  • Click the Login button.
  • Confirm your ACCmail account in the pop-up.
  • Click the Submit button. A screen where you can have look for your ACCmail address and password appears.
  • Create a password for your account. Must be at least 8 characters, one of which must be a number.
  • Re-enter the new password in the confirmation window.
  • Click the Submit button. After the 24-hour activation period, you can now access your ACCmail account.
  • How can I recover my ACC student email password?
  • move to ACCmail login help page.
  • Enter your ACCeID and password here.
  • Select an account from the drop-down menu.
  • Submit
  • Follow the instructions to reset your password.

How do I email instructors from my account?

Please include your name and student’s name. This is important if teachers need to identify you based on your email address. Include your child’s name in the subject line, use it throughout the email, and use your name in the salutation.

Determine whether information is more effective in a conferencing environment. Email is not the best place to have lengthy discussions about student achievement or behavior. If you have serious concerns about your child’s academic performance, consider arranging an in-person or virtual meeting instead of discussing the matter over email.

Consider whether to include other recipients in the CC. You can enter a different email address in the CC box for situations involving other staff, such as school counselors, nurses, or administrators. However, when dealing with issues involving other children, please do not email the parents of those children. Let the teacher apply both parties and decide how to resolve student conflict.

Don’t expect a quick response. Do not send emails about your child’s performance in class. Teachers rarely have look for email during class and are more likely to respond after school or during breaks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my ACC email?

Log in to the ACC online service and find your ACCmail address. Select ACCmail from the Student menu. Your ACCmail username, initial password and link to activate your new ACCmail account can all be found here.

How do I set up ACC Email?

Go to the ACCmail account management section.
Enter your ACCeID and password in the appropriate fields.
Click the Login button.
Confirm your ACCmail account in the pop-up.
Click the Submit button.
Create a password for your account.
Re-enter the new password in the confirmation window.
Click the Submit button.

Where can I find my ACC username?


What GPA do I need to get into ACC?

The top 10% of high school seniors must have a high school GPA of 3.5 or higher on a 4-point scale.

How are ACC emails displayed?

The ACC Student Email (ACCmail) format is First Name. @ surname

Do ACC students have access to free Microsoft Office?

Free Microsoft Office 365 software is now available to ACC students, faculty, and staff. Install Microsoft Office 365 on your home computer or mobile device!


This document will get you up and running with ACC School Email. If you need assistance, please contact the appropriate department to find out what to do next.



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