The Best Pakistani Upcoming Movies

The best Pakistani upcoming movies. Pakistani films have never been stable when it comes to Bollywood films due to Indo-Pak tensions. However, these restrictions pave the way for Lollywood to generate enough revenue. There is hope to see another promising year for Pakistani cinema as people begin to show great interest in Lollywood films because of their quality content and visuals.

2019 was a rollercoaster year, a year when Pakistani films could be in the spotlight.

The ban has sparked an increase in the box office’s revenue stream. Sherdil, Superstar, Baaji, and Party Hut Love were the biggest hits of the year. From new director projects and acting debuts to faithful actors returning to the cinema, there are all the Pakistani films waiting for us next year.

1. The Legend of Maula Jut

The Legend of Maula Jut

One of the most anticipated Pakistani films directed and written by Bilal Lashari under the Encyclopedia banner. It is a remake of the 1979 cult classic Maula Jatt, starring Fawad Khan, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Mahira Khan, and Humaima Malik. Director Bilal Rashari’s masterpiece ‘The Legend of Maula Jat’ has been a hot topic since its release in 2014.

The unprecedented topic was mainly due to his ensemble casts: Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, Hamza Ali Abbasi, and Humaima Malick. The Legend of Maula Jatt is a Pakistani Punjabi action drama film. The film’s release date was scheduled for June 2019, Eid al-Fitr, but it’s been rocking.

2. Kahay Dill Jidar

Kahay Dill Jidar

Singer-actress Junaid Khan will debut in the lead role in his next film with Laal Kabootar star Masha Pasha. The title of the movie is Kahay Dil Jidhar, The film was directed by former TVC director Jalal Rumi. After Laal Kabootar’s success and subsequent selection as an official Pakistani runner-up at the 92nd Academy Awards, Mansha Pasha took the lead.

3. Jugnu


Despite a five-year hiatus, the director will now return to the screens with the release of his last film of 2015, Moore. Jami returns as producer this time with the film Jugnu. When the teaser of Zergnu was released last year, a lot of controversy surrounding the movie arose.

However, after more than a year of waiting, the movie is about to be released soon. The film Jugnu starring Babar Zardari, Shahjahan Narejo, Kulsoom Aftab, Meesum Naqvi and more. The music is composed by the Sufi folk-rock band “Sketches”.

4. Dumb Mastam

Dumb Mastam

Dum Mastam is a romantic comedy directed by Mohammad Ehteshamuddin. One of the most awaited Pakistani films of 2021. Imran Ashraf and Amar Khan, famous for their screen realism, make their debut in the movie ‘Dumb Mastam’.

The charming Imran made a big splash in the TV world. The talented Amar is also the writer of the film. The story revolves around the life of a Punjabi family with a dysfunction. Many viewers will relate to this Punjabi-focused film.

Famous online sensation Momin Saqib plays a supporting role in this film. Sohail Ahmed, Saleem Maiaj, and Adnan Shah Tipu also play pivotal roles in the film. Actor and producer Adnan Siddiqui posted a post on Instagram after the film was completed. In addition to uploading videos of the cast and crew, he wrote:

“Madness… chaos… laughter… pranks… tears… and rap!!

“About a year ago, we converged together in familiar but uncharted territory. One end of the scale was balanced as a doyen and the other end as a beginner. Both come from each other’s learning.

“More than a concept, it was our eccentricity and creativity that held us together until the camera of our beloved Dum Mastam closed.” He also thanked the whole team in the same post. Dum Mastam will probably be released in winter 2021.

5. Neelofar


The film starring Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan was written by Ammar Rasool and produced by Qasim Mehmood. This project is the sequel to Bilal Lashari’s The Legend of Maula Jatt, which has yet to be screened, by the two famous actors.

6. Rehbara


Rehbara is an upcoming Pakistani romantic comedy film directed by Amin Iqbal and produced by Saira Afzal. A film starring Asan Khan and Aisha Omer. The film was slated for release in 2020, but now it will be released when theaters reopen.

7. Chakkar


Chakkar is an upcoming Pakistani murder mystery film directed by Yasir Nawaz and produced by Nida Yasir in partnership with Farid Nawaz Productions. The film stars Ahsan Khan, Neelam Muneer, Yasir Nawaz, Javed Sheikh, and Danish Nawaz. The main shooting of the film began in Karachi in March 2020 and ended on December 27, 2020.

8. Pardey Mein Rehne Do

Pardey Mein Rehne DoPardey Mein Rehne Do is produced by Shazia Wajahat. The film stars Ali Lehman Khan, Hania Amir, and Javed Sheikh. Filming was completed in March 2021 and the film is slated for release in 2021.

9. Abhi


Abhi is a film starring the talented Gohar Mumtaz and Kubra Khan. The film also stars Saleem Sheikh, Usman Peerzada, Yasra Rizvi, Mahmood Aslam, Hina Bayat, Ehteshamud Din, and Asif Raza Mir. The story of the film is full of thrill and romance. Written by Gohar Mumtaz, directed by Asad Malik, and produced by the world-famous British company Daniel Johnes.


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