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Shagufta Ali Gets Rs 5 Lakh Cheque

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Shagufta Ali gets Rs 5 lakh cheque from dance Deewane Rohit Shetty comes to her aid with new hope. Senior actress Shagufta Ali recently opened up about going through a tough time in her life. The actress, who has had little work in her last four years, said she was bankrupt and sought financial help for her treatment.

On Sunday she was invited to Dance Deewane and her team presented her with Rs 5 lakh. Overwhelmed by her love and respect, her Saans actor said she was speechless when Judge Madhuri Dixit handed her check.

“I was invited by The Colors to go on stage and talk about my life and the problems I faced,” she said.

First, I am a huge fan of the talent that appeared on the show and I was so excited to meet them all. Coming back in front of the camera was another temptation, and I thought sharing my ordeal on the platform would help me reach more people. I was so shocked when I got the check. I couldn’t even find a word to react to,” Shagufta Ali shared in an exclusive chat with indianexpress.com.

She said on the show that the actor was a fairly emotional moment for her as she talked more about her experience. On her stage, she talked about fighting cancer years ago and how the side effects of chemotherapy caused diabetes. Shagufta also shared that she hasn’t gotten any good projects in the past four years and that her savings have also been exhausted.

The 54-year-old said, “It was so touching when Madhuri Dixit together remembered the details of her project years ago. I went to the show on a whim, little knew they would respect me and give me so much love. Everyone was so friendly that I was overwhelmed.”

It’s been a week since actress Bepannaah opened up about her life’s problems. It’s still a ‘long road’ but I’m impressed with the people who come forward to help her. “Johny Lever Bhai, Rohit Shetty provided me with financial support. It gave me new hope and I am confident that I will be able to fight this situation. If my health permits, I can’t wait to resume work.”

Few people know that the actor is a member of the CINTAA committee. Her writer’s body has been in contact with her, but she is still waiting for her help as much as her formality is. Currently, Shagufta Ali is recovering and caring for her ailing mother and she hopes to return to her set soon.



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