Saroj Khan’s Biopic in the Producer of the Work

Saroj khan’s biopic in the producer of the work Bhushan Kumar says her dedication was commendable. The T-Series is ready to produce the biography of legendary choreographer Saroj Khan. On Saturday, T-Series head Bhushan Kumar said he had acquired the rights to her life story from Saroj Khan’s family.

“Sarojji not only captivated audiences with the way the actors danced but also revolutionized the choreography scene in Hindi films.

Her dance form told a story that helped every filmmaker,” Kumar said in a statement. “Starting quickly at the age of three, Sarozzi’s journey has gone through many ups and downs, and she must make her success and respect in her industry a reality.

I remember her visiting her movie sets with her father and seeing her bring her songs to life with her choreography. Her dedication to the arts was commendable. I’m glad Sukaina and Raju have agreed that we will make their mother’s electrification,” he concluded.


While the project was announced, details about the director and the cast of the film were kept secret.

Talking about the biography, choreographer Raju Khan said he was happy that Bhushan Kumar decided to make a biography about Saroj Khan.

“Her mother loved her dancing and we all saw how she devoted herself to her dancing. I am happy to follow in her footsteps. My mother was loved and respected in the industry and it is an honor for my family to have the world see her story,” he said.

Sukaina said she and her family had “closed up” to Saroj Khan’s struggles and struggles to become herself. She thanked Bhushan Kumar and hopes he can tell the story of Saroj Khan, “her passion for dancing, her love for her actors and her respect for her profession with this biopic” I wished

Saroj Khan joined the industry at the age of three. She became a dancer at the age of 10, and her choreographer assistant at the age of 12. In her 50-year career, Saroj Khan has choreographed about 3500 songs. Some of her tracks are ‘Ek Do Teen’, ‘Choli Ke Peechey Kya Hai’, ‘Hawa Hawai’, ‘Dhak Dhak Karne Laga’, etc.

The choreographer, known for her collaborations with Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi, has won three National Awards and has worked with several millennial actors. Saroj Khan passed away in 2020 at the age of 71 due to a heart attack. Her last work was with Madhuri Dixit, a frequent collaborator, and actor at Kalak.


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