Saira Banu’s First Words After Dilip Kumar’s Death

Saira Banu’s first words after Dilip Kumar’s death: god snatched away my reason for living. The death of actor Dilip Kumar broke the hearts of many fans and colleagues. Actor Dharmendra, who was Yusuf Sahab’s close friend, left an emotional note about the death of his friend as Dilip was called kindly.

“Saira Ne Jab Kaha. ‘Dharam, dekho Sahab ne paplak jhapki hai’ Dosto, jaan nikal gai meri. Maalik mere pyaare bhai en jannat naseeb kare. (When Saira said, ‘Daraam, Sahab is blinking,’ my friends, my heart was broken into millions of pieces. May God bless my friend heaven.)”

Dharmendra deol

Then, “Dosto, mujhe dikhwa nahin aata lekin main apne jazbaat par kaaboo bhi nahin paata.

Apne Samajh Ke Kah Jata Hoon… (Guys, I didn’t know how to show off, but I couldn’t control my feelings.

I’m telling you because it’s my opinion…)”

Dilip Kumar passed away on Wednesday at the age of 98 in Mumbai. He survived with his wife and veteran actor Saira Banu. According to Peeping Moon, Dr. Jalil Parkar said Saira’s first words after Dilip’s death were, “God has taken away the reason for my life. You cannot think of anything without Sahab. Everyone, please pray.”

Later that day, Saira thanked authorities for the national funeral, according to Dilip Kumar. She shared the message via Dilip Kumar’s Twitter account. “Thanks to @PMOIndia and @CMOMaharashtra for providing the main funeral protocol to the Dilip Sahib store. – Saira Banu Khan.”

From President Ram Nath Kovind to PM Narendra Modi, everyone paid rich tribute to the legendary actor. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wrote a letter mourning the death of Dilip Kumar to Saira Banu.

He called him the ‘first Cannes of Indian cinema and wrote, “His outstanding contributions to Indian cinema will always be remembered by the people of our country and by all Hindi film lovers around the world.” In his condolences, he added, “May God give us all the strength to endure this irreparable loss with courage and perseverance.”


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