Rahul Vaidya Disha Parmar’s Wedding Song

Rahul vaidya Disha Parmar’s wedding song is coming on . Rahul Vaidya is set to marry her girlfriend Disha Parmar on July 16th. Her couple is busy with last-minute preparations. But among all the chores, Rahul recently recorded her own wedding song. On Tuesday, the singer teased fans with a clip of a short love ballad entitled “Matthe Te Chamkan”.

“Khilti rahe muskaane, o tere mukhde pe”, Then, he sings, “The wedding song for disul is coming out soon.”

Last night, Disha Parmar enjoyed being single with her girlfriend. Actor Pyaar Ka Dard Hai shared a party photo on Instagram, posing with a ‘Bride To Be’ banner. Her best friends also shared several photos from the party on social media.

Rahul and Disha announced their marriage last week. Bigg Boss 14’s fame shared notes with fans with the hashtag “#TheDisHulWedding”. “I am delighted to share this special moment with all of you as a family blessing. We are pleased to inform you that our wedding will be held on July 16, 2021.

I ask for your love and blessings as we start this new chapter of love and togetherness,” the note wrote. After the wedding, the couple planned a sang it/reception night on July 17th. A video of their dance rehearsal has also been uploaded online.

The ‘Dishull wedding’ is known as a secret relationship where two people make a marriage vow in the presence of only family and close friends. Rahul and Disha, who met through a common friend, claimed that they were just friends, despite dating rumors last year. It was only when the singer was locked up in her Bigg Boss house that he realized his love for her.

On her birthday in November, he proposed to her on her state television. Disha told him yes on state television. Since then, the couple has become inseparable. Recently, he also appeared in the music video ‘Madhanya’.


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