Paris Airport Workers Block Terminal to Protest Pay Cut

Paris airport workers block terminal to protest pay cut. Paris – Paris airport workers protesting Friday’s wage cut blocked a busy terminal at Charles de Gaulle Airport and clashed with police, triggering flight delays and causing travel confusion and confusion among passengers.

Police fired pepper spray to disperse protesters at Terminal 2E, which is mainly used for international travel.

The Associated Press reporter at the scene saw the passengers wipe their stinging eyes and the children were terrified. Hundreds of drumming and honking union activists blocked the terminal’s immigration area, leaving hundreds of passengers missing their flights. Riot police with helmets and shields unfolded, and passengers were redirected to a nearby terminal.

The union is negotiating with Paris airport management about pay cuts related to the collapse of air travel due to the pandemic. Management of the Paris airport network said revenues fell 80% in 2020 and are instead working to avoid layoffs by cutting wages.

The union announced strikes and protests through Monday, as many French families go on summer vacation. The airport has warned passengers of possible delays and disruptions to road traffic and check-in procedures during the union.


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