Minissha Lamba on Finding Love Again

Minissha Lamba on finding love again: I feel blessed every day to have found togetherness. Bollywood actress Minisha Lamba has fallen in love with businessman Akash Malik. “Yeah, I found love and I’m happy,” Mini Shah told ETimes in her recent interview.

Finding harmony makes me feel blessed every day.”

In June, she said in an interview with the Times of India, “I am currently in a happy relationship with a lovely person. However, I want to emphasize that the end of a relationship or marriage is not the end of life. You will have another chance to love and be loved, and you will be able to confide in your past.”

In 2020, Minissha and her ex-husband Ryan Tham divorced. However, she has revealed that actress Kim Ji-young has been separated since October 2018. She told the Navbharat Times: “Everyone has the right to a happy life. Divorce has been ignored in our society, but that has changed as women are now able to become independent and speak their minds.

Previously, only women had to bear the burden of relationships. They took full responsibility for all sacrifices (required). But now they understand that they have a right to leave if their marriage is not happy.” A source said about the relationship with Akashi, “At first, Minisha and Akashi were friends. At first, they didn’t even call and met by chance at a poker game.

They first met at a game about 17-18 months ago. It was only after a few interactions that they started connecting. But yes, today they are madly in love. Minisha and Akashi forget the future and realize the bizarre time of today when life itself is uncertain. They just want to be together and be happy as much as possible.” Minissha is known for her work in films such as Yahaan, Bachna Ae Haseeno, and Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd and others.


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