Malaysia to Reopen Parliament July 26 After Royal Pressure

Malaysia to reopen parliament July 26 after royal pressure. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – The Malaysian government announced Monday that Parliament would resume on July 26, succumbing to pressure from the king to lift the legislative suspension following the coronavirus emergency imposed in January.

Prime Minister Muhidin Yasin obtained the king’s consent in January to declare a state of emergency by August 1 to curb a surge in the coronavirus, but critics have criticized the decree to allow him to remain in power amid challenges to the opposition and internal leadership. was struck by a ruse. his union.

The state of emergency halted Congress but did not include other actions. Muhyiddin’s government still has control and has special powers to introduce laws without parliamentary approval.

Critics have pointed out that the government will impose a massive lockdown banning social and business activities from June, with infections, surged to more than 9,000 daily in May, nearly five times what it was when a state of emergency was imposed. The number of new infections still surpassed 6,000 per day, the country’s total confirmed infections and deaths surpassed 5,400.

Muhyiddin had earlier expected Parliament to reopen sooner or later by September, but the King insisted it should resume as soon as possible. The Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement on Monday that “it will be a meeting to explain to members about the country’s recovery plan and to amend the necessary laws to allow for a complex process going forward.”

All proclamations and ordinances issued in case of emergency are as follows. It added that it must be submitted to both houses for approval. Muhidin, 74, came to power in March 2020 after instigating the collapse of the Reformed Alliance, which won the 2018 elections and joining the opposition to form a Malay-centric government. But his government is swaying with an extremely thin majority in Congress. Support for his leadership cannot be tested with Congress suspended.


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