Doctor Strange Actor Tilda Swinton Describes

Doctor strange actor Tilda Swinton describes ancient one casting controversy as the hot sticky gnarly moment. Scottish actress Tilda Swinton talks about the whitewashing controversy that broke out when she was cast as Ancient One in Marvel Studios’ 2016 film Doctor Strange. In Variety’s profile, Swinton said it was all “hot, sticky, and lousy moments.

She said she regrets the actress, adding that she didn’t know about the casting, in an interview with Kevin Page and Men’s Health magazine.

Tilda Swinton told Variety: — There was a wide welcome. It changed at some point. For a very good reason, I have received great sympathy.” In the Marvel Cinematic Universe film directed by Benedict Cumberbatch, the role of Ancient One was a Celtic mystic living in the fictional Tibetan place of Kamar-Taj.

In Marvel Comics, Ancient One’s characters, Yao, Sorcerer Supreme, are elderly Tibetans. Kevin Feige told Men’s Health magazine, “We thought we were very smart and cutting edge. We’re not going to be clichés of smart, old, wise Asian men.”

He added, “But ‘Wait a minute. Any other way to find out? Is there any other way I can cast an Asian actor without falling into the cliché?” And the answer is, of course.” Despite the controversy, Doctor Strange was a huge critical and commercial success for Marvel Studios. It hit 89% on Rotten Tomatoes. The box office has grossed over $677 million worldwide.


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