Dilip Kumar Left Behind No Significant Lessons

Dilip Kumar left behind no significant lessons for future actors: Naseeruddin shah. Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah admires spy Dilip Kumar as much as any other movie buff. However, acknowledging Dilip Kumar’s irreplaceable contribution to Indian cinema, Shah said, “Is Kumar’s example as a star worth imitating and whether it has helped push the limits towards development or not? It raised the question of whether it promoted a downward spiral.

It turns Hindi film into today’s full star focus.” In an opinion piece written by Naseeruddin Shah for Indian Express, he emphasized that Kumar’s way of expression does not conform to the norms of “fake theatrical sex, arched vocal accents, and constantly shaking hands.”

“His majestic stillness and impeccable calm established a paradigm for good acting in Indian cinema.

The economy of his movements and gestures seemed to make little sense to his colleagues and even those who superficially imitated his style,” Shah said. However, he added that despite Dilip Kumar’s greatness, he did little to improve his films. Naseeruddin Shah added to his work, “Given his position, it is clear that he did not do enough other than to act and engage in social activities close to his heart.”

Dilip KumarThe actor, who was recently admitted to a Hinduja hospital in Mumbai for pneumonia, claims that Kumar has only produced one film in his acting career and has not officially directed any. “He never passed on the benefits of his experience, he cared about no one, and he left no important lessons for future actors, except for performances before the 1970s.”

In fact, Shah said Kumar’s autobiography was “a re-creation of an old interview.” “It’s disconcerting why a man conscious of his place in history should be reluctant to document his interactions with the great filmmakers of his time or to have really informative remarks about the nature of his work and technique.

I wish at some point he would at least be honest about the hardships involved in maintaining a legion of enthusiasts.” In this article, Naseeruddin Shah wrote that Dilip Kumar is one of America’s best whose sheer presence could enhance the film. But despite all the stardom, the legend “chooses to play safe”.


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