Bts Reveals Army’s Original Name Was Bell Suga

Bts reveals army’s original name was bell Suga bought Eminem CD without understanding the lyrics. BTS has performed overseas for the first time since the release of the new song ‘Permission to Dance’. BTS answered numerous questions by appearing on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, which consists of Jimin, J-Hope, V, RM, Jin, Suga, and Jungkook.

Various revelations about V’s sleeping habits, ARMY’s real name, cooking and fashion came out.

Host Jimmy Fallon asked them about the various rumors circulating so far. He asked, “Is it true that we decided to call our fans BELL instead of ARMY?” RM said, “Somehow, that’s right. When we say BTS, it’s not BTS in Korean, but behind the scenes. When you say bell in Korean, it sounds like bang, so it starts with a bang… Thank God… ARMY is much better.”

Then Jimmy asked V if it was true that he had no intention of auditioning for BTS. He said, “Is it true that he never had any intention of auditioning for BTS? Did you go to the audition to support your friend? V said, “That’s right.” “What happened to your friend?” asked Jimmy. V replied, “He failed… Only V.”

I also found out that Jimin wanted to go under the stage name Baby-J. He replied, “So I chose both Baby J and Baby G, but it was so strange to say ‘Hello, J Baby’, so I decided to just use my real name.” Jimmy also made fun of Jimin for going under the stage name ‘Jimin Fallon’, and Jimin said, “Then I will perform with Jimin Fallon next time.”

During the conversation, Suga revealed that the first album CD he bought was Eminem. Suga said, “About 15 or 16 years ago, I really liked his music. At that time, the lyrics couldn’t be translated, so I don’t understand what it was about, but I think my parents said it was okay because they couldn’t understand the lyrics. So they said it was okay. ” The boys are now at their peak as their song Butter continues to reign on Billboard’s Hot 100.


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