Bharti Singh on Facing Extreme Poverty While Growing Up

Bharti Singh on facing extreme poverty while growing up at times we ate salt and roti my mother cooked in other’s homes. Over the years, Bharti Singh has been able to spread laughter and happiness around the world.

But not many people know that the comedian grew up in extreme poverty. In a podcast conversation with Maniesh Paul, the ‘Queen of Laughter’ talked about a time when there was no food in the house. She candidly confessed that her family was not yet used to the lavish lifestyle.

Bharti said her sister and mother worked in a factory sewing blankets while her younger brother worked in her shop.

Her mother also cooked in someone else’s house. They sometimes worked from home, and even looking at the giant blanket, Bharti didn’t want to be at home. She said, “Ghar Jaane ka Mann Nahi Karta Tha (I didn’t want to go home). I would stay at college with my friends and dine at the hostel. I knew that when I returned, I would have to face poverty. Live in that dim light.”

The Dance Deewane 3 host said there were days when the house didn’t have vegetables. “We brew black tea and eat it with paratha. Or eat roti and salt.” Bharti Singh also said that her mother used to make ‘maharani’s du Pata (decorative clothes for idols)’ and that she kept making the sound of her sewing machine at home.

Even now, when she goes to her dressing room on set, the same sound rings in her ears. “I lived in that noise for 21 years. I never want to go back there. I don’t have big dreams, but I keep praying to God so that I can keep what I have. We used to eat salt and roti, but now we eat dal, sabji and roti. I wish my family could always at least eat the moon. I don’t want to face that situation or let my family go through it.” She told Maniesh with a visibly emotional look.

Then she talked about how modest families were still not used to a luxurious lifestyle. When the Kapil Sharma Show star bought her Audi Q5, her mother scolded her: ‘Innova had a bigger dick and if it rains this sunroof will ruin her seat’. She said with a smile that her mother would be happy if she still got dania for free at the vegetable market.

She recalled her sweet days with her brother, saying that her unpretentiousness is her driving force that holds her up even when she succeeds in her life. “She remembers the first time she rode in business class and her brother told her to buy an economy ticket next time after getting off,” she said.

She asked why and she said the poor hostess had to do too much for them. She was impressed with her naive appearance,” she added. Bharti Singh is married to writer and host Haarsh Limbachiyaa. In the same conversation, she even praised her husband for making her realize the true meaning of love.


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