World Bank Approves an $800m Loan for Pakistan

World Bank approves an $800m loan for Pakistan. The World Bank has approved an $800 million loan to Pakistan to help the Pakistani economy recover after the spread of COVID-19, Radio Pakistan reported.

According to state radio, the loan agreement was signed by the Federal Minister for the Economy and Melinda Good, the national representative of the World Bank.

The Ministry of Education said in a statement that the loan program will help governments address the direct and indirect impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and strengthen health and education systems.

The government plans to vaccinate 70 million people (about 70% of the adult population eligible for the vaccine) by the end of 2021. The virus has claimed 22,281 lives in Pakistan so far, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in Pakistan to 957,371.

Federal Minister Assad Umar, who is also the head of Pakistan’s COVID control authority, has warned that the country could be hit by a fourth wave of the virus if people aren’t paying attention.

“Without strong SOP enforcement and continued strong immunization programs, a fourth wave could emerge in Pakistan in July,” Umar said in a Twitter post today at the NCOC after reviewing an AI-based disease modeling analysis. He advised people to follow the SOP and get vaccinated.


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