When Hira Mani Offered to Help Her Teary-eyed Son

When Hira mani offered to help her teary-eyed son during the exam. Actor Hira Mani is pouring out interesting stories from kids’ online classes and exams. Double Star, who spoke with host Asan Khan in a recent interview, said it was very sentimental to see children in pain.

The actor went on to recall a recent incident in which he decided to help his son Ibrahim, who was struggling with one of his exams.

“My son Ibrahim is trying to take an online exam and he speaks Urdu so poorly that he is in tears. I was showing him what he had to write on paper, but he refused to cheat.” Now the actor says that they can’t be in the same room every time the kids take the exam.

“Now kids can’t get into the room while they’re taking online classes, because I’m a little tolerant and allow them to cheat if they want,” she said.


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