Two Indo Canadians Join Cabinet

Two Indo Canadians join the cabinet in Canada’s Ontario province. Toronto: Two Indo-Canadian politicians were appointed ministers in Ontario, Canada’s cabinet reshuffle, raising community member representatives on the Executive Board to three.

Ontario Prime Minister Doug Ford revamped his cabinet on Friday after his resignation, former Treasury Secretary Hanrod Phillips, returned as new long-term care secretary after a Caribbean vacation during the coronavirus pandemic.

The reorganization is less than a year before the local elections in June next year.

Previous ministries include Prabhmeet Sarkariya, an Indo-Canadian, who was the Minister for Small Business and Bureaucracy Reduction. The 30-year-old Sarkariya is now promoted to the position of Chairman of the Treasury. He is the first Sikh cabinet minister in Ontario to wear a turban.

“It is an honor to be sworn in as #Ontario’s Treasury Chairman. I am working hard with @fordnation Premier and my colleagues to support Ontario residents as they continue to tackle the #COVID19 pandemic and work for us. Recovery!, “Mr. Sarkariya tweeted a new role.

Sarkaria’s parents immigrated from Punjab, India in the 1980s. Parm Gill, 47, has taken on a new portfolio of citizenship and multiculturalism. Gil was born in Moga, Punjab. He immigrated to Canada at a young age.

“Thanks to Prime Minister @fordnation for this great honor, and my Milton community for allowing me to represent you every day as part of this state government,” he tweeted after his appointment.

“Who would have thought that a young boy who immigrated to Canada from India at a young age and raised by a single mother would be sworn in as Minister of Citizenship and Multiculturalism in Ontario today,” Gill added. Nina Tangri has been appointed Deputy Minister for Small Business and Bureaucracy.

She said, ‘She is delighted to be appointed as Deputy Minister for Small Business and Red Tape Reduction. I would like to thank Premier @fordnation for the confidence in the continued support of me and my family and staff. ‘ she tweeted.


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