Spoilers in Afghan Talks Pakistan Nsa

Spoilers in afghan talks Pakistan NSA in a veiled dig at India. Pakistan’s national security adviser denounces a local ‘spoiler’ accusing it of attempting to derail the Afghan peace process while accusing it of ‘national terrorism against people under illicit occupation’, a thinly veiled excavation in its eastern neighbor and longtime rival India. criticized.

Moed Yusuf said at a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) national security advisers held in Dushanbe, the Tajik capital, on Wednesday, that achieving peace in Afghanistan was the region’s most urgent priority.

Yusuf’s office cited him as referring to NSA meetings in eight countries, including India, Russia, and China, “the failure to achieve peace in Afghanistan [is the most pressing problem facing the SCO today].”

The meeting was attended by Vladimir Norov, Secretary-General of the SCO.

“Warning of spoilers both inside and outside Afghanistan,” Yusuf said, adding that “not everyone in the region who profess to favor peace in Afghanistan actually does so.” The joint declaration signed by all participants confirmed that “one of the key factors in maintaining peace, security, and stability in the SCO region is to resolve the situation in Afghanistan as soon as possible and establish lasting peace in the country”.

Relations between India and Pakistan have remained virtually frozen since February 2019, when more than 40 security personnel were killed in an attack that India denounced Pakistan-based militants in the bombings in Indian-controlled Kashmir.

The ensuing stalemate saw nuclear-armed states raiding each other’s territories. The situation was chaotic only after Pakistan returned an Indian fighter pilot who had shot down a jet by the Pakistan Air Force. On Wednesday, Yusuf reiterated his accusations that Pakistan was facing a foreign-backed attack without appointing India this time.

“Pakistan has been a victim of terrorism that has been planned, supported, and sponsored beyond our borders, and unfortunately remains a reality to this day and may present itself as an advocate of global cooperation on terrorism, but in reality, it continues to be our country and region. “His office quoted him.

India has not officially responded to the allegations at the time the report was published but has routinely denied such allegations in the past. A detailed statement issued by the SCO after the NSA meeting said participants discussed many issues, including regional security, anti-drug operations, organized crime, information security, and counter-terrorism operations.

The SCO statement confirmed “a refusal to apply a ‘double standards’ policy involving terrorists, separatists, and extremists.


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