Sindh Government Gerry’s Sign Vaccination Mou

Sindh government, Gerry’s sign vaccination Mou for international travelers. The Sindh government has contracted with Gerry’s Visa Services for COVID-19 vaccinations for students, business people, and people traveling for religious reasons.

According to the press release, Sindh Health Department signed an MOU with Gerry’s Visa in Karachi today (Wednesday).

They will streamline the Covid-19 vaccine process at some of Gerry’s Visa branches. The MoU will come into effect on June 28th. People traveling abroad can obtain documentation and evidence of their immunization status.

Gerry’s will provide Pfizer vaccines or other injections that are acceptable for international travel. The vaccine is provided by the Ministry of Health. Attestation of the NIMS vaccine certificate is recorded. There will be live video recordings of the process available for investigation.

The Immunization Center is open 7 days a week from 8 am to 10 pm. An AIEF (Emergency Department for Potential Adverse Events) will also be set up, and the Aman Foundation has agreed to deliver an ambulance to the scene within seven minutes of calling.

Pakistan’s Pfizer Vaccine, The country will soon receive a 13 million dose of the Pfizer vaccine, Dr. Faisal Sultan, special adviser to the Prime Minister of Health, said on Tuesday. The vaccine was previously reserved for people with low immunity and travelers.

The first cargo is expected to arrive in July, according to sources. A second Pfizer vaccine is expected to be available in the United States by the end of this year. Dr. Sultan said the government has signed deals with vaccine manufacturers Biotech and Pfizer. On June 17, a defense adviser was convinced that Pakistan’s vaccine shortage would end by June 20.


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