Shehnaaz Gill on Losing Weight

Shehnaaz gill on losing weight only slim girls get work in the industry. Shehnaaz Gill surprised fans with a live broadcast on YouTube on Tuesday. The Bigg Boss 13 star talked about her future projects and shared her diet routine. In answering the fans, they also shared how to lose weight as the entertainment industry favors only slim girls.

Shehnaaz started chatting live, saying he had free time during filming.

She even joked about how her own team prepared her live script, but she wanted it to be a free-spirited conversation. When people quizzed her about her weight loss, the singer and actress said she spoke about it several times. She emphasized the fact that eating consciously is the way to lose all those extra kilos.

“My team keeps telling me to stop eating sugar and salt,” she said. But all of that is Parkway. It is important to keep checking the quantity. You will soon develop the habit of eating less and that is the key to losing that extra weight. “I only eat milk for dinner,” Shehnaaz said.

The Bigg Boss finalist also said that exercise helps, but she’s not a keen gym person and relies on the diet. But she added that she wanted to start working out that would benefit her health rather than simply being slim.

The actress seemed a bit uncomfortable with her comments when another user told Shehnaaz Gill that she looked prettier during her Bigg Boss days. Maintaining her composure, she replied that she believed she was beautiful at the time and that she still is.

She said it won’t be hard for her to go back as she used to call the avatar a ‘favorite look’ because the actor has to eat a lot. “I can always be that Shehnaaz. But I don’t have much work. Industry Mein Patli Ladkiyan Chalti Hain (only slim girls work in the industry),” she said.

Talking about her own struggles, Shehnaaz Gill said she worked really hard to get where she is now and that she wants to do better. “I never stopped working hard to get the fame and money I deserved,” she said. I have put a lot of effort into it over the years and now I want only the best for me.”

The 28-year-old, who was replying to someone about his process of becoming an actor, said he always wanted to do something creative. “I know they know where they fit the best and I believe luck is also a factor. All you have to do is be honest about your talents.”

Shehnaaz has revealed that her cat has many commercials, and is waiting for the lockdown to be lifted so that people can see her movie Honsla Rakh in theaters. “When it comes to the screen, I want everyone to whistle. But even if it doesn’t, I want people to like my work. I’m really happy to be able to work even in difficult times.”

She also spoke about a recent photoshoot with celebrity photographer Dabboo Ratnani. The actor said that he looked completely different in the new photo, saying, “This is a shoot for fans who wanted to see me. Had a really good time for Dabboo Ratnani. He is an experienced photographer and works flawlessly.

Mazaa Aagaya (it was so much fun).” The actor ended her live chat by preaching the importance of her narcissism. “It is best to love yourself. Only then can you love someone else,” concluded Shehnaaz.


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