Priyanka Chopra Visits Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Priyanka Chopra visits rock and roll hall of fame with family amazing to be amongst the greatest ever in music. On Tuesday night, Priyanka Chopra shared some hilarious photos of her and her family inducting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The actress had a great time with her best friend and her mother Madhu Chopra.

In the main image, we see a jolly Priyanka surrounded by twinkling lights laughing at the camera. The global icon, who posted the photo dump, wrote in the post: “Thanks @rockhall for a wonderful time with me and my family.

It’s amazing to be the greatest person in the music world. Thanks to Greg, Shelby, Nwaka, and everyone. I love you @johnlloydtaylor.”


Lately, Priyanka Chopra seems to be taking a break after a streak of work with a busy schedule. First, we saw her first appearance in Sona, her newly opened restaurant in New York.

She dined lavishly with her friends and celebrated her mother’s birthday in grandiose style. Then her artist posted a photo of herself with her best friend Anjula Acacia and saw her pair drop their hair.

Meanwhile, on the job site, Priyanka prepared many projects for release. These include the action-packed Amazon Prime series Citadel, the Keanu Reeves film The Matrix 4, the romantic drama Text For You, and yet-to-be-released Bollywood projects.

Priyanka was last seen in the Netflix movie The White Tiger, which was nominated for an Oscar for Best Screenplay.


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