Pm Asks Gates to Open Microsoft Incubation Lab

Pm asks gates to open Microsoft incubation lab in Pakistan. Prime Minister Imran Khan discussed polio eradication in Pakistan on the phone with Microsoft owner Bill Gates on Wednesday.

“I spoke with Bill Gates last night and thanked him for the help his foundation has provided to eradicate polio in Pakistan,” the prime minister tweeted on Thursday.

“This time last year, 56 cases were reported. Only one has been reported (reported) so far this year. InshaAllah will completely eradicate polio next year.”

Imran Khan

Despite the epidemic, the anti-polio campaign continues uninterrupted. Last year, more than 33 million children were vaccinated against polio.

Prime Minister Lee also added that he had asked Gates to set up a Microsoft Incubation Lab in Pakistan. In another conversation earlier this year, Gates and Khan discussed Pakistan’s success in controlling a third wave of the novel coronavirus.

In an interview with Gates, the prime minister spoke of Pakistan’s 10 billion tsunami initiative and acknowledged Pakistan’s efforts to combat climate change. The two agreed that the world must come together to face this global challenge.

Pakistan has particularly strong partnerships with the Gates Foundation, including its ongoing support for the Ehsaas program, which helps the most vulnerable parts of Pakistan’s population.


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