Pak Actor Nimra Bucha Confirms She’s Doing Ms Marvel

Pak actor Nimra Bucha confirms she’s doing ms marvel: ‘Fawad khan deserves all the love’. Pakistani actress Nimra Bucha believes the success of her web show Churails has garnered a fan base in India, a highlight of the past two years for her. “It was a real collaboration,” Nimra told

“It was a Pakistani show, a Pakistani story, and an Indian producer.” Churails was written and directed by Pakistani film director Asim Abbasi and co-produced by Shailja Kejriwal of Zee Entertainments. While Nimra played the role of Batool Jan, the web series also featured Sarwat Gilani, Mehar Bano, and Yasra Rizvi.

Nimra is currently reading Mughal Bachcha by Ismat Chughtai in the series Yaar Julahay at Zee Theater. In an exclusive chat with, Nimra talked about exploring different storytelling platforms, pushing boundaries for artists, and joining Marvel’s upcoming Ms. Marvel with Fawad Khan.

Do you think you’ve been cut off for the roles that television offers?

I sometimes don’t fit in with the stereotyped characters offered by mainstream popular TV. I’ve been lucky to find people who know how to work with actors like me. Churails features a group of female detectives on a mission to expose Karachi’s unfaithful elite husband. Many have boldly tagged the topic. Were you afraid of rejection?

We were terrified to see the light of day because this project is very honest storytelling. The content was rather brave, and for the first time, a lot was shown on screen because no one else had the courage to do so. There were not many filters. So we weren’t quite sure how people would receive it. But we were really overwhelmed by love.

What kind of audience audit did you get for Batool?

It’s silly, but I feel that people have finally noticed that I exist. Batool’s character gave me a lot of leeway for the show. So I got a lot of love and a lot of people, especially women, came to me. There were arguments and debates. It was a very different experience and I feel blessed. And Batool was a strong woman not only mentally, but also physically.

The biggest physical burden was working in the summer two years ago. But the best part was that my outfits were very different from those of Jugnu (Yasra Rizvi) and Sara (Sarwat Gilani). I had to pay attention to Batool’s body language. Because there was something Asim (Abbasi) wanted to do right.

He will remind me when I get out of my character. And every action is always with the cooperation of so many people, it will make me look convincing even if I’m not good at my stunts. So when you see yourself on the screen, you say, ‘Oh that’s me!’ But were you discouraged when Chu Rails was banned in your home country of Pakistan?

At first, I was sick and disappointed because the show never aired. Then you have to remind yourself that these are all bureaucratic. People will prefer what is banned and will still see it. Because it’s pirated content, it’s only going to suffer financially for broadcasters.

We have become so used to censorship in our country that we hesitate to do or say anything without censoring first. Churails airing in India was a welcome change. Do you think it will help open borders?

In an ideal world, we would be able to easily travel between the two countries. But the reality was very difficult. So I think it was really good for Churails to air in India and around the world. Churails was one of those situations where people from both countries were equally involved in making the show.

I’m hoping it continues and these stupid things take a back seat. In her latest project, Yaar Julahay does theatrical storytelling on camera. Please tell me more about how to navigate this format. Yaar Julahay is a collection of timeless stories from authors from our subcontinent. It was created by this sister and brother duo, Kanwal Khoosat and Sarmad Khoosat.

I think they picked me up on Ismat Chughtai’s ‘Mughal Bachcha’ because it’s about sexuality. So I’m actually playing like a man and a woman. I saw Ratna Pathak Shah performing on stage years ago when the story came to Pakistan. she is awesome! So when it came to me, I said that people who saw Ratna’s work in India would compare. But we did it our way and hope it turns out well.


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