Kamal Haasan Slams Draft Cinematograph Bill Asks People

Kamal Haasan slams draft cinematograph bill asks people to raise their voice for ‘freedom and liberty. Actor and film director Kamal Haasan is the latest celebrity to unveil a draft cinematograph (amendment) bill for 2021. “Film, media, and writers cannot be the three iconic monkeys of India.

Seeing, hearing, and speaking of impending evil is the only drug against attempts to undermine and undermine democracy,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

The Vishwaroopam star has also asked people to write to the I&B ministry, which has invited public comment on the draft Cinematograph (amendment) bill by July 2, 2021. “Please act and on freedom and liberty. Please express your concerns,” Kamal added.

The 2021 draft Cinematograph (Amendment) Act authorizes the federal government to re-screen films that have already been approved for public screening by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). And the central government may amend the decisions of the CBFC as it deems appropriate.

Kamal Haasan

Several prominent members of the Film Brotherhood have already expressed concern over the proposed change of cinematography in 1952 allowing the government to control the narrative of the national cinema landscape. The bill was a double blow to the film industry as it still reached an agreement with the dissolution of the Film Certification Appeals Court, which was the last resort for filmmakers to appeal certificates granted to films.

“If I had 10,000 people ready to do what I asked them to do, it could affect the outcome of any movie. You can appeal, file a complaint, and go to court. The new legislation will affect both the freedom of filmmakers and the revenues of films. Already, the governing body has many powers for creative expression.

This kind of rule is just one narrative, pro-government. You could be a pro-government filmmaker or not at all,” National Award-winning filmmaker Vetri Maaran said in The News Minute as he bashed the government over the draft Cinematography Act (revision) bill of 2021.


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