Indian Military 2 Drones Intercepted Over Base

Indian military 2 drones intercepted over the base in Kashmir. India, SRINAGAR – Indian forces intercept two drones flying over an Indian-controlled military base in Kashmir early Monday, the day after drones suspected of carrying explosives were used to attack airbases in conflict zones, a major threat. said to have prevented.

The military said around midnight that troops had spotted two drones flying separately over the Kaluchak military base on the outskirts of Jammu.

“A high alarm went off immediately and the quick reaction team opened fire on them,” the military said in a statement. “Two drones flew.” The statement said that the military had launched a search operation in the area. Indian officials said it was the first incident in India when two drones loaded with explosives were used to attack an airbase in Jammu.

Officials said the two blasts sustained minor injuries to two soldiers and minor damage to buildings at the base. Military equipment was not damaged. Jammu’s airbase is also being used as a civilian airport, but there was no disruption to civilian flights.

If proven carried out by anti-Indian rebels, this event would mean a major shift in strategy for New Delhi. The rebels mainly used classic guerrilla tactics such as ambush, hit and run, remote-controlled detonation, and vehicle bombing.

So far, no rebel groups have commented on either incident.

Muslim-majority Kashmir is divided into India and Pakistan, and the Himalayas as a whole are occupied by both. The rebels have been fighting Indian rule since 1989. Most Muslim Kashmiri support the rebel goal of the territory being consolidated under Pakistani rule or into an independent state.

New Delhi regards the Battle of Kashmir as Pakistan-backed terrorism. Pakistan denies the allegations, and most Kashmiri call it a just struggle for freedom. Both countries claim to have shot down a spy drone in the Kashmir region under their respective control.

Recently, Indian authorities have raised the possibility of drone strikes by rebels in the region, especially after repeatedly accusing Pakistan of using Chinese-made drones along its borders to drop weapons packages for militants since last year. Pakistan, including Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, has repeatedly warned that India could launch a “fake flag” attack to divert attention from its own plight.


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