Hareem Shah’s Mysterious Ppp Spouse News

Hareem shah’s mysterious PPP spouse news is a publicity stunt Sindh minister Taimur Talpur. IT Minister Sindh denied reports on PPP that he was the mysterious husband of TikTok star Hareem Shah.

A day ago, Pakistan’s TikTok star said he tied the knot with a PPP leader.

The internet sensation confirmed the news of her marriage to Geo TV but said she would soon reveal details about the wedding and partner to fans while keeping details about her husband a secret.

Shortly after the news of Shah, guess who her husband is, Talpur is one of the potential options. This issue was also raised in the Sindh Council. However, Talpur denied the rumors, saying the news about the Shah’s mysterious PPP husband was “a publicity stunt.”

Rumors spread that IT Minister Sind was wearing a Rolex watch, which was also previously seen on Instagram in a photo shared by a TikTok star showing male and female hands. The photo sparked rumors of an engagement. It was later deleted.

“I believe this news is unfounded. The whole news comes directly from Hareem Shah,” said Talpur. He said the news was based on lies, and the Shah did so for a long time anonymously for attention.


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