Ethiopia Hints at Tigray’s Military Move Cease-fire

Ethiopia hints at Tigray’s military move cease-fire in doubt. The Kenyan Nairobi-Ethiopian government has questioned the issue of a unilateral ceasefire declared in Tigray a few days ago, stating that forces could re-enter the capital of the Tigray region, which has been engaged in combat in a matter of weeks.

Ty Gray Emergency Task Force spokeswoman Red Wan Hussein told reporters on Wednesday in the first public remarks since Ethiopia’s soldiers retreated from the Ty Gray capital and other areas on Monday in a dramatic turnaround in the nearly eight-month war.

Having reclaimed key areas after fierce battles, the T-Grey units refused to cease truce, telling the Associated Press that it was a “stupid joke” and vowing to pursue Ethiopian and neighboring Eritrean troops.

Ty Gray’s military spokesman Geth Tashleda told the Associated Press on Wednesday that there will be no negotiations with Ethiopia until communications, transportation, and other services that have been disrupted or destroyed by many wars are restored.

“We need to ensure that all parts of the territory are returned to us, the rightful owners,” Getachew said, adding that Ethiopian troops are still fighting to reclaim the territory and Eritrean forces still control “significant parts” of the region.

The spokesperson for Tea Gray also issued a warning to longtime Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki, a longtime enemy of the Tea Gray leaders, and sent soldiers to Ti Gray to support the Ethiopian army. Witnesses blamed Eritrean soldiers for the worst atrocities in the conflict.

“We will do anything in our power to ensure that Isaias is never a threat again,” Getachew said.

Eritrean officials, described by human rights groups as one of the most repressive countries in the world, did not respond to requests for comment. Witnesses saw Eritrean soldiers retreating from the main Ti Gray towns of the Shire, Axum, and Adwa on Tuesday, but it’s unclear whether Eritrea will adhere to a ceasefire.

The fate of more than a million Tea Grays in hard-to-reach areas is questioned as Ethiopia and ground authorities are accused of blocking access to deliver aid as the war is expected to continue. Phone and internet services are down.

Ethiopia said it had declared a ceasefire, in part for humanitarian reasons, but said it would end at the end of the important agricultural season for tea gray, which means September.

Ethiopian Lieutenant General Bacha Debele said on Wednesday that troops should move troops from Tigray to face a “greater threat” and mentioned the border, but denied possible conflicts with neighboring Sudan over the disputed lands.


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