China Canada Spar at UN Body Over Human Rights Failings

China Canada spar at united nation body over human rights failings. Geneva – Canada and 40 other countries urged China on Tuesday to allow “immediate, meaningful and free access” to allow independent observers to visit the western Xinjiang region, while the Chinese envoy said Canadian authorities could “confirm human rights violations” at home asked to stop”.

Mutual points raised before the recognition of deficiencies in its human rights record from the Canadian envoy were discussed at the Human Rights Council, the highest human rights body of the United Nations.

The confrontation of most virtual conference sessions has revealed a persistent rift between the West and China’s allies which are increasingly revolting against criticism of the human rights record.

Chinese envoy Zhang Duan has protested past abuses of Indigenous Canadians and the recent discovery of the remains of more than 200 children at an Indigenous Canadian boarding school.

He called for “a thorough and impartial investigation” of crimes against Indigenous Canadians and of racism and xenophobia. “I urge Canada to immediately stop human rights violations,” he added, adding that the UN agency “must continue defending Canada’s human rights issues.”

“Canada has also repeatedly used human rights as a tool to promote its political agenda.

Canada stated most western countries that reflect widespread concerns among human rights groups about detention centers in Xinjiang that house hundreds of thousands of Muslim Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities.

Canadian Ambassador Leslie Norton, referring to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet, said, “We urge China to grant immediate, meaningful, and free access to Xinjiang for independent observers, including the High Commissioner.

Bachelet’s office has been working to arrange a visit to Xinjiang since the start of his 2018 tenure, and on Monday said it hopes to do so by the end of the year. Norton said that more than 1 million people were arbitrarily detained in Xinjiang (some subject to torture and other “inhumane” treatment) and that Uyghurs and others face disproportionate scrutiny and restrictions on their culture “can’t be trusted” There is a report”.

He claimed that China uses the center for training and combating terrorism in Xinjiang.

Norton’s statement also called for an end to the “arbitrary detention of Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities” and expressed concerns about human rights in Hong Kong and Tibet. China’s statements to Canada were representative of several other countries, including Russia, Belarus, North Korea, Iran, and Syria.

“We acknowledge that Canada has historically denied the rights of Indigenous peoples through assimilationist policies and practices,” Norton said. “We know the world expects Canada to comply with international human rights standards. We also expect ourselves.” Canada hosted a National Aboriginal Day celebration on Monday.


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