Balochistan Cm Demands Apology From Opposition Lawmakers

Balochistan cm demands an apology from opposition lawmakers for chaos outside the assembly. Prime Minister Balochistan Jam Kamal has demanded an apology from opposition lawmakers who clashed with police outside Balochistan’s parliament on Saturday ahead of the release of the budget for the 2021-22 fiscal year so that a false precedent for such behavior is not set.

At the Balochistan plenary, Kamal said in the future “anyone can cross the door and get in” if the matter is not taken seriously now.

The prime minister at least said he didn’t want his party to be criticized, saying that “their weaknesses” caused the chaos. “Without respect for the assembly, we would be nobody,” Kamal said the province does not develop into rallies and protests. He said the opposition could be happy that there is no development work in the province, but it should not intimidate the government.

He asked opposition lawmakers to hold a debate in parliament whether or not all their demands were agreed upon. He pointed out that people did not vote for the opposition to spend time in prison. “So come and talk to us. Every discussion becomes part of the record.”

He said holding a press conference at the police station doesn’t have the same effect as speaking in Congress. Opposition members, meanwhile, offered to attend the Beasley Road police station for six days and arrest him.

The fact that the opposition leaders were not arrested “is proof that the FIR against us is false,” said opposition leader Malik Sikandar of the Balochistan parliament. Opposition lawmakers clashed with police on June 18 outside the Balochistan parliament before the budget announcement.

Police said opposition lawmakers locked all four doors of the building to prevent a budget meeting from proceeding. Opposition protests and clashes intensified when the prime minister arrived in parliament, reports report. The police then banged on the door to allow government lawmakers to attend budget meetings.


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