WhatsApp tips and tricks: How to make WhatsApp video calls using Windows PC

WhatsApp is among the most widely used instant messaging applications and comes with many features such as sharing photos, videos, documents, voice recording, and even allows people to make video and audio calls over the Internet. Now, to cater to a broader audience, Facebook has also released a web version of WhatsApp, but it's certainly not as feature-rich as the app. To be more specific, WhatsApp Web misses one of the most important features, which is the ability to make video and audio calls.

That said, the comfort and stability that the laptop offers are missing somewhere on the smartphone and if you are looking to make WhatsApp video calls from a Windows laptop or computer then you are out of luck as Facebook does not offer any official method for this.

However, there is still a way that allows users to make WhatsApp video calls using their PCs and here is how to do it.

To do this, you will need a good and reliable Android emulator, a WhatsApp apk file, an active phone number with SMS or a calling service. Now, you can download the WhatsApp apk file from the official WhatsApp website.


Download any trusted Android emulator from the Internet and install it on your laptop or computer


Once the emulator is installed and working, download the WhatsApp apk file and install it


Now, follow the instructions on the screen to configure WhatsApp, which includes entering your phone number, allowing the necessary permissions, such as files, cameras and microphones, etc.


Once done, add a phone number to the emulators directory or, if you have used the same Google account as your phone, just open WhatsApp, search for the contact and touch the video call icon to start a call.

Disclaimer: Android emulators are third party software, be sure to download a trusted one. Furthermore, Gadgetsnow will not be responsible for any data and privacy issues caused by the emulator download.



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