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‘UTTAR RAMAYAN’ Episode Update on May 2, 2020: Val Mickey Rishi fought Shree Ram by blocking Luv Kush. Then SitaJi cried and said Shri Ram was your father. After that, Val Mickey told Rub Kush to go to Ayodia now to wipe out the obscene parts of her mother. After this, Luv Kush goes to Ayodhya and sings Ram Katha at the Ram Palace. After that, both guys learned that these two guys were the sons of Shri Ram Prabhu. After that, everything is amazing.

‘UTTAR RAMAYAN’ Episode 2 update in 2020: Luv-Kush VS Shri Ram

Written update for May 2, 2020

At the same time, the little Luv Kush, who defeated all the warriors of Ayodia, introduced himself to the three worlds with his own power. One by one, all the heroes of Ayodia are unconscious. Early Val Mickey provided the holy weapon to Louv Kush. Val Mickey gave God the weapon and said that no one has this world. All these weapons are used at will. When attacking them, they attack the enemy. Also with this, snakes and demons can conquer both.

Sage said that these weapons would not be used by the ego. We will not do that even for weak and innocent people. He pledged all this. Rub and Kush use this sacred weapon to catch horses and take on challenges during the war. They read the challenge and ask Ram to fight. After Rub Kusi injured the commander, Sha Trugan approaches Rub Kusi.

Luv and Kush also put Shatrughan unconsciously into battle. The information is sent to the palace. This Laxman arrives at the battle site and instructs the two boys to leave the horse first. But if you don't do that, there will be a war between Laxman and Luv Kush. Laxman tells Luv Kush that innocent people are not punished. Luv Kush talked about what Sita's fault was when he heard that from Laxman.

Ramayan written update

Laxman was surprised to hear the story of two young boys. Laxman asks who you are. In response, Luv Kush said the criminal who committed the crime of catching the horse. Laxman says you don't know I killed Indrajit. War is on both sides. In this war, Laxman was injured by applying a power arrow. Subsequently, Sugriva and Hanuman arrive at the battle site with Bharat in the palace.

Ramsey makes a gold idol of Theta. And decided to conduct Ashwamedha Yagya. He wisely invites wise men, intellectuals, and kings. Here, Sita learned about Ashwamedha Yagya, and Sita heard that she can now marry Shriram. Sita was shocked to hear this.

There is a war between Laxman and Luv Kush. In this war, Laxman was injured by applying a power arrow. Subsequently, Sugriva and Hanuman arrive at the battle site with Bharat in the palace. Meanwhile, Val Mickey also performs ceremonies for Sita on the Sangam coast. His younger brother, Bharat, fought Luv Kush in addition to Luv Kush, Hanuman ji, and Kishkinda Naresh Sugriva.

Luv and Kush pay tribute to Sugriva and Hanuman by remembering their dedication and courage. Hanuman is saying that we have come under God's command, so we will not go unless we ride a horse. Hanuman says you go with a horse too. Hanuman learns from his divine vision that these two children are the sons of Siyaram. Luv Kush told us that you are brave but you are also smart. We will not listen to you. Says Hanuman. But you did not introduce. What is the parent's name? Love and Kush say there are no marriage stories to talk about. Go and send it to Ram

After Laxman and Shatrughan lost consciousness, Hanuman and Sugriva fought and spoke with Bharat. Bharata and Sugriva all use their powers, but they cannot liberate horses from Luv and Kush. At the same time, Luv Kush was finally injured by the power arrows of Sugriva and Bharata. Meanwhile, take the Hanuman hostage.

Luv Kush forged Sugriva and Bharat ji and then captured Hanuman ji in captivity. During this period, Hanuman will eat dry bread. Love Kush says we are forest dwellers, we can't give good food, we eat dry bread, we can only feed. Luv Kush liberated Hanuman from bondage and fed Hanuman.

Ram himself goes to war. Ram says the two boys destroyed Ayodhyo's Chaturangi army. And Bharata, Sugriva, Hanuman carried out such a condition. You are not an ordinary child. Hanuman tells Ram that these boys have done the same for our troops.

Ram got what we said to Luv Kush and you got our word. The two boys do not speak of national greed or desire. We found the problem through reading. There are no Kshatriya or heroes around the world except you. We are Kshatriyas so we caught a horse. Oman is reflected in this challenge. So we wanted to fight. Luv Kush asks Ram to fight, but he is not in a state of fighting and punishment. The same goes for Luv and Kush.

Ram wants to shoot an arrow at Love and Kush, where Maharishi Valmiki comes. He tells Ram-what are you doing in the children's conversation? Even if the Lord is a criminal, the king's hand does not come. Everyone does Baal Hatha, but Rajatha cannot respond to Baal Hatha. Val Mickey asked Lou and Kush why they were talking. And tell them you disobeyed the king. He raised his arms in front of his father and did something like disobeying his father. Luv and Kush apologize to Ram.

When Sir Shree Ram came to the battlefield and fought, Val Mickey couldn't stop him. This Luv Kush asked Bhagwam why you left Mata Sita and wandered into the forest. In response, Prabhu Shri Ram said he sacrificed Sita for Rajdharma.

Rishi Val Mickey explained to Lav Kush that he was our king and that raising weapons in Sir Shri Ram was a crime. Please return the forgiveness of your king and the words of his Ashwamedha yagya. Lavakush left the horse and apologized to God.

Rub Kush tells Sita about the war with Prince of Ragu Kul. Sita was terrified and cried when he heard that Luv Kush had fought Shatrughna, Laxman and Bharata, and Hanuman. Sita said Hanuman was her first son. Older than you Laxman, Bharata and Shatrughan are also my sons. Sita is what you did. Sita says Rama is your father. Then Val Mickey also comes and tells the truth. Louve and Kush heard this and said that Ram was my father. But why did you hide this so far? Val Mickey says there is time for everything to appear. And the time has come. Go ahead and introduce Ayodia to Sita's Karuna Saga.

Luv Kush learned that Prabhu Shri Ram is his father. After that, Val Mickey went to Ayodia to tell the story of Yanaki's mother and wash her place. After that, Luv Kush goes to Ayodhya and removes stigma against Janaki's mother's personality from house to house.

Since Lub Kush learned about the Lord Lama, this is his father. Since then, they spawn. Luv Kush got emotional and started to cry when God sang Luv Kush in Ayodhya.

Rub Kush reaches Ayodia. He tells the people of Ayodia about the benevolent story of Sita. Upon hearing this, the Ayodhya residents cried after regretting their actions. Rama also invites Luv Kush's song to the palace. Louv Kush sings the entire Ramayana here. The public is listening to Ram Katha, including the administration of the palace.

Luv Kush, with the permission of Shri Ram, explains the story of Ramayana at the Palace of Ayodhya. During this period, he describes the entire character of Sir Ram. Everyone sitting at Raj Mahal gets confused in a way that explains his story.

In front of Shri Rama, Luv Kush, howling in the palace, telling the story of Shri Rama, said that she is the son of Shri Ram Prabhu and mother Janaki. During this period, everyone sitting in the palace was amazed.

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