This Ramzan, shortage of meat hits livelihood of 50,000 in Mumbai | Mumbai News

MUMBAI: With the BMC-run Deonar slaughterhouse closed since the closure of the coronavirus, the city's meat supply has been severely affected. If Ramzan's delights are not the same due to the absence of meat, around 50,000 people who depend on the business face hunger. Some traders said that if the slaughterhouse was not opened at least partially soon, they would be forced to organize a protest challenging the closure.
Meat makes up an important part of iftar delicacies in Ramzan's holy month, but popular dishes like keema, kofta, and kebabs are almost off the table this year, as chicken is not a good substitute for these. The few stores that sell lamb do so at an outrageous price: the rate of Rs 450 per kg before closing has now increased to Rs 800.
“We have been asking the authorities at the Deonar slaughterhouse to at least partially open the slaughterhouse and allow merchants from the state to bring animals here. We are ready to follow all the health guidelines. If goats are sold and bought in Deonar, the price of lamb will go down, "said Shaikh Abdur Rahman Abdullah of the Mumbai Association of Sheep and Goat Brokers.
However, the general manager of the Deonar slaughterhouse, Dr. Yogesh Shetye, said that trade in the slaughterhouse cannot be allowed for two reasons.
“The slaughterhouse falls under an area declared a red zone because it is an access point for the coronavirus. We cannot risk the spread of the contagious disease. Second, the transportation of animals from out of state is not allowed. Given the scenario, we cannot allow overcrowding in the slaughterhouse, ”said Dr. Sheyte.
He also said that on normal days, around 200 buffalo and 300 goats and sheep are slaughtered at the slaughterhouse.
Indian President Jamaitul Qureish (Mumbai) Gulrez Qureishi said there are several traders in the state who want to sell their animals but are unable to do so, incurring a huge loss. “The livelihoods of around 50,000 people are threatened. Our families depend on this business. We will be forced to organize a protest if it is not allowed at least partially. If selling chicken and vegetables is allowed, why not meat? Qureishi asked

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