Sonos may finally be releasing a new Playbar

According to the image found by Dave Zatz, the Sonos Playbar can finally be finally upgraded. Zatz Not Funny. There is no power outlet or HDMI port displayed on the render. Zatz can mean a port, and the button is recessed inside the railing or elsewhere along the soundbar (which could mean that the rendering is not fully shown). Zatz's image shows both black and white versions.

Sonos debuted on Playbar in 2013 and there are no updates since. According to 9to5 MacThe new Playbar will support Dolby Atmos, and Zatz said it will also support Apple AirPlay 2. Sonos may also be planning a new version of the Play: 5 wireless speaker and sub subwoofer. 9to5 Mac Reported Zatz confirmed.

In March, Sonos released details about the Sonos S2 operating system that will be released in June. The company said the S2 will enhance "next generation" Sonos products and experiences.


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