Shibli Faraz lauds ‘exemplary role’ of journalists during Covid-19 crisis, promises good news before Eid – Pakistan

Federal Information and Broadcasting Minister Shibli Faraz praised the "exemplary role" played by journalists during the current Covid-19 pandemic on Saturday and said the government wants to give "good news" to the community of journalists before Eid.

He made these comments on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day during a press conference in Islamabad.

"You [journalists] He stood up with Imran Khan's fight. As we can [the government] speak against you? How can we take any action that may harm your interests? Faraz questioned.

The minister paid tribute to the "exemplary" role that journalists have played during the coronavirus pandemic and said the entire nation is grateful and appreciative for the work that journalists are doing.

The information minister announced that he will meet with representatives of the community of journalists the day after tomorrow.

"I will meet with representatives of the community of journalists. And if you have fair demands, forget the weeks, we will deal with them as soon as possible before Eid," Faraz said, adding that the government wanted to give journalists good news before Eid.

Speaking of his personal background, Faraz said he is currently in a situation that requires him to strike a balance between addressing the demands of journalists and presenting the federal government's point of view.

"Most of you know that I belong to a family of journalists and authors. Look at my background. Can I go against your [journalists’] interests? "Faraz asked, adding that from the government's point of view, journalists are playing a fundamental role in the country's" social culture ".

The information minister assured journalists of their further cooperation in the future and said that "his purpose in coming here today" is to understand the problems of journalists so that he can try to relate to them.

"My most important job is to work for your well-being. I will not be the judge, I will be the advocate. Whatever your demands, I will read, understand, and work hard to ensure that the government is not giving you a strict hand," Faraz said. to journalists.

"Shibli Faraz will only succeed as an information minister if I do not disappoint him and you do not disappoint me," he concluded.

Previously, the information minister said that "freedom of expression is the basic principle of any civilized society."

In a tweet, Faraz shared his message for World Press Freedom Day, paying tribute to journalists who made countless sacrifices for the "sanctity of the pen."

UN chief, politicians pay tribute to journalists

The leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly and PML-N chief Shehbaz Sharif paid tribute to the country's community of journalists, which he says continues "to keep the flag of the press free despite attacks led by the government".

Sharif criticized the government for corroding the independence of the media in the country, adding that the story will recall "the reign of Imran Khan as a black chapter in his annals."

Former PPP senator Farhatullah Babar paid tribute to all journalists who have been killed and tortured in Pakistan and around the world.

He also said that Sajid Hussain, a Baloch journalist who was recently found dead in Sweden, was in his thoughts.

Meanwhile, in a video message shared on Twitter, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said that "journalists and media workers help us make informed decisions that could make the difference between life and life. death".

"I call on governments to protect media freedom and support journalists so they can do their jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond," he added in his World Press Freedom Day message.



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