Remote Working LMS Software [Top List]

Choosing the best remote working LMS software

Have you ever wondered what are the best remote working LMS software? The recent events of COVID-19 have created a change management situation for all companies around the world. Many organizations from different industries are preparing for their transition to remote work policy. This option will help your workforce to offer its valuable services by also following the social distancing guidelines applied by the government.

When managers have to deal with employees who work remotely, there is a vital goal that we all must pursue. We have to make sure that any work activity will continue non-stop. The interruption of current work procedures should not interfere in any way with the quality offered to customers.

This is the reason why it is so important to keep growing the training and development plans of your employees. An LMS can help L&D create robust and reliable online training programs. Are you eager to learn more about the best remote working LMS software?

Discover the ideal LMS solution for working remotely

Save time and money. Compare the best LMS tools by features, reviews and rating!

What were the criteria that determined which LMS were listed?

In an attempt to identify the best LMS solutions to help you manage and train remote teams, the eLearning Industry decided to create this exclusive top LMS list. Global recognized experts in LMS, including C. Pappas, and our editorial team conducted a comprehensive review of each provider's eligibility and relevant published content (articles, e-books, webinars). Our committee ranked the best cloud-based learning management systems based on the following 9 criteria:

  • Customer Support
  • Customer experience
  • Software functions
  • Software innovation
  • Customer rating
  • Economic growth potential
  • Company customer retention
  • Employee turnover
  • Social responsability of the company

Before heading to the list, be sure to read our tips on what to consider when choosing an LMS to train your remote teams.

Which organizations can take advantage of an LMS for remote training?

There is a big difference between having to offer online training due to certain circumstances and doing it well. Now that you have taken the step to become an organization that can still offer quality services and products even in a virtual environment, you must think big.

By strategically planning online learning experiences, you can create meaningful training courses. For example, universities and colleges around the world are working hard to maintain course instruction by opting for virtual classes. Video conferencing tools are becoming a massive trend in L&D.

Any business that has to transition to remote team management and training must carefully decide on their LMS tool. Assessment is critical when choosing to offer online training. They say desperate times require drastic measures, but this does not mean that you have to sacrifice the quality of online training.

As organizations try to adapt to managing global teams, an online employee training program can allow the flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere. The foregoing applies to any industry; however, L&D leaders must consider the challenges of managing remote employee training.

L&D teams will need to invest in onboarding, integrate gamification, and adopt smart reporting with an LMS as they attempt to manage and engage remote workers. The right LMS solution must be tailored to the needs of the people you want to train, but it must also be aligned with your business goals.

How to effectively manage remote employee training with a premier LMS solution

Showing empathy and understanding what the best demands are are two factors that distinguish great leaders from day-to-day managers. Providing remote job and training opportunities for your workforce is imperative during these unprecedented times. Now, it is more important than ever to start your strategic LMS implementation plan.

Working from home is certainly not a new thing. However, some companies are afraid to make the transition. In a recent study by Global Workplace Analytics based on telework, a significant percentage of employees (80 to 90%) state that they would like to work remotely, at least part of the time, if not regularly. Now that he is an attractive figure.

Did you know that working from home increases productivity? That's amazing to read, I know. In fact, according to Forbes and Fast Company, remote computers are no longer considered a privilege. The new normality is considered. For me, this means that it was always the right approach to transition to online training and remote work. COVID-19 made this transition enter our lives faster.

Keep in mind that an ideal remote working LMS should:

  • Offer interactive features
  • Includes instant communication tools
  • Have easy accessibility and integrations (mobile ready, web conferencing tools, etc.)
  • Allow you to use virtual classrooms without problems

If you are interested in virtual classes, you can also read our 7 tips for choosing the best virtual classroom LMS for your organization.

What L&D managers should do during a remote work policy

Although transitioning to a remote work environment is a means of increasing productivity in the workplace, many managers have difficulty leading teams to success. It is not that you, as a manager, have no control over the situation. Confidence issues sometimes get in the way. Therefore, the most important thing of all is to build a corporate culture that focuses on cultivating trust.

In addition, remote administration offers the opportunity to try several different tools to make your work more efficient. A learning management system (LMS) can help you overcome challenges remotely. One of the essential characteristics of an LMS is its ability to help you create online training quickly and easily.

By using an LMS, you can manage remote learning effectively while saving time and fighting distance barriers. An LMS solution enables L&D teams to provide employees with access to valuable learning materials at their convenience, while enhancing employee retention by helping their workforce acquire new skills and further evolve.

It's no wonder that the most successful companies already use an LMS for online training. It is a valuable tool that can help provide personalized, flexible and user-centered learning experiences. By opting for an LMS, you can reduce training time. Your entire learning process will depend on automation, giving you the tools to drive business growth and increase employee performance.

Benefits of using an LMS for remote computers

Your company may have already been using technology as a means of interacting with employees and customers. Or perhaps you are in a stage of transition to a remote work policy. Today, technology and mobile devices give users the opportunity to be just a click away from doing their job. Spending more time to communicate through technology (for example, laptops, smart devices) has made our daily lives easier. Some people prefer this type of communication compared to face-to-face interactions.

Telecommuting opens doors to the short-term and freelance contractor markets to get your projects up and running. You'll need to train those new assets and help them understand your brand and your company's culture. An LMS is a great tool for recruiting new employees, but also for offering compliance training. Remember that the level of knowledge of your workforce will define which LMS you should choose to meet online training needs and achieve business goals.

The positive impact of managing remote employees with an LMS

By using an LMS when working remotely, training managers are more organized and can manage reporting tasks more easily. This is a win-win case for you and your remote teams. Isn't the work-life balance better what we've all been looking for?

Convincing your employees to work from home may not have been a piece of cake before, but look at yourself now! Remote teams manage to avoid the hassle of getting up earlier and save time as they no longer have to use commuting to the office. The result? Their workforce feels less stressed and is more productive.

Plus, to make things even better for your business, you can set up customized employee skill development plans. With the assistance of an LMS, you can drive business growth quickly and at low cost. Investing in your workforce is like finding hidden treasure, you just haven't tried it yet. The best talents thirst for knowledge. Give them the means to improve and they will appreciate your performance. This is the gift of giving and receiving.

Training your remote employees will prove to be a strategic move in the near future. See it as a tactic to plan ahead. Using an LMS will help keep your employees engaged and will also give them the incentive to evolve. By cultivating your skills, you will add value to your business and be able to pursue new projects that you never imagined touching before.

An LMS helps you train the best talent and increase employee satisfaction

When it comes to professional training, remote work arrangements have proven to be cost-effective and much easier to implement. Instead of having all employees stay on-site for a business workshop, you can provide them with access to online training programs. This is a great way to overcome challenges when face-to-face meetings are not possible. An LMS is extremely valuable to extended companies, companies that are interested in staffing, or have recently gone virtual.

Your remote workforce can use LMS software to access online, live, or on-demand training courses. This makes training more flexible by helping you take online courses at your own pace. Once you create a workshop, you can use its training module to train future employees at no additional cost. This is super effective for companies that have their workforce scattered across the globe, or even for companies that have recently moved into a remote team transition.

Additionally, the remote work policy gives you the opportunity to choose the best from a global group of employees. It is a pleasure for human resource managers seeking to enhance their workforce with top talent. In addition, an LMS gives you the means to continually train and retain the best talent in your business, even when working remotely.

Using a cloud-based LMS when working remotely

It pays to explore training your teams remotely with an LMS. Remote working arrangements can be a blessing in times of struggle and social distancing. This is where technology becomes our deus ex machina. When your workforce works from home, you will notice increases in productivity and measurable savings. Also, your employees will be happier and this can result in less job turnover.

Hiring and training new employees takes a good amount of time, investment, and resources. Using a cloud-based LMS allows you to manage teams that work from home, while also reducing human resource costs. Telecommuting and online training provide additional savings on the table, for example, you may have reduced costs with respect to training facilities and office maintenance. Plus, your workforce can enjoy their online training course anytime, anywhere, while you can also manage and evaluate the online training process at your convenience.

Consider an LMS that also offers offline access

Whatever the case may be, sometimes internet connectivity can become a burden. Especially when the demand has increased like crazy because everyone uses bandwidth due to remote work. So yes, we love technology, but we can't always trust it. An LMS provider that supports downloadable content is a definitive solution even when you experience problems with your WiFi connection. Consider having offline training resources as a backup plan.

In short, training for leaders and their remote employees can greatly benefit from an LMS that is cloud based or offers offline access.

Where L&D leaders should focus when training and managing remote teams with an LMS

Training managers must adapt to this remote working environment, even if it is a bit difficult at first. Here's what to consider to better embrace a business transition to remote team management.

Organize regular meetings with your team and keep them engaged

You can have daily or weekly contact with all members of your remote team. For an online meeting to be successful, you must have an agenda set in advance. A shared presentation or screen could also work miracles. However, for this to happen, your remote working LMS solution must allow video conferencing. It could, for example, have a Zoom LMS integration.

When it comes to employee engagement, there are several approaches you can use. If you are considering ways to encourage or excite your students, choose an LMS that can help you implement a gamification strategy or even offer immersive experiences.

Check out LMS integrations like Google Apps, Microsoft Teams and more

Producing high quality online training content for remote students is one of the most important benefits of LMS. To create amazing online training experiences, everyone on your remote L&D team should have the opportunity to share training skills and experience.

A standard LMS solution offers features like discussion forums, chats, related applications, an online calendar, and various widgets. Depending on the needs of your business, you can deploy an LMS on-premises or in the cloud.

When a distance learning scenario knocks on your door, your LMS should obviously make life easier for your team no matter where you are. It is crucial that your LMS offers, along with its robust features, seamless support for external applications that are vital to your daily work. Productive collaboration is what you should aspire to. From online documents to virtual training and discussion forums, the LMS you choose should offer those partnerships.

Don't forget that the ideal LMS is all about the features and functionality it can offer to meet your online training needs. Before you find the ideal LMS tool, be sure to research the options that also fit your eLearning budget.

Focus on employee skill development

Working from home provides an opportunity to further develop the skills of your workforce. You can use an LMS to simplify the learning process for your business. You'll be able to manage online training sessions efficiently, even when your employees work remotely.

By offering skills training for employees, you will increase the morale and satisfaction of your employees. Using an LMS can help you take your L&D procedures to the next level. Managing change to remote work gives your company the opportunity to establish a culture of continuous learning. Take advantage by focusing on your online training strategy. Now is not the time to cut your training budget.

Use reporting tools wisely to evaluate and optimize training

Learning management systems that focus on remote work are valuable tools for L&D training and managers. You can find LMS solutions that have strong reporting and analytics capabilities. Training managers and human resource leaders can track every aspect of the online training process. From evaluating online courses to researching student performance, you get an all-in-one "control room."

By using LMS reporting tools, training managers can streamline their entire online training strategy. They can also identify which areas need improvement. For example, you can modify or even delete an outdated online training course.

By keeping track of the entire learning process, you can evaluate your online training programs and decide if it's worth investing in. During your LMS market research, see if any vendors offer additional plugins, which can make your online courses profitable and effective.

Top LMS list when working remotely

I'm sorry I kept you waiting! Without further ado, here is our top LMS list when working remotely. I recommend that you test each of them using the free trial options available. No matter how many tips you read, a personal version of each LMS software is what will give you a better idea. So go ahead and start those free trials!

If you are among the best LMS software to use when working remotely, feel free to add this badge to your website!

1. Adobe Captivate Prime LMS

Adobe Captivate Prime is one of the best LMS when working remotely due to the following stellar features. Get up and get started in one day with a modern flat user interface. Manage setup, delivery, and track learning in no time. Use Fluidic Player® to embed and track virtually any content, including PPTX, Video, PDF, DOCX, xAPI, AICC and SCORM compliant packages. Combine virtual or live classrooms and eLearning courses into apprenticeships and certifications that focus on skill development, incorporation, and compliance. Users can leverage APIs to integrate Prime with Salesforce so that sales teams see their personal learning dashboards and receive task notifications. Plus, you can take advantage of Adobe Connect integration to schedule, access, and track virtual classroom sessions, all from within Adobe Captivate Prime.

Be sure to explore what other users have to say by reading Adobe reviews in our directory!


  • AI-based social learning
    It enables students to share their experience with their peers in the form of web or user-generated content posted on topic-based discussion boards. Other students interested in similar skills can follow these panels to learn and even contribute to the topic, similar to a social media platform.
  • Offline learning
    It allows students to continue learning even when they are offline. The Adobe Captivate Prime application downloads learning content, makes it available for offline access, and automatically syncs to the server when the student is back online.
  • Adobe Connect integration
    It integrates with Adobe Connect virtual classrooms, which can start their sessions with a single click, automatically track attendance, completion and time spent, and view post-session recordings from Adobe Captivate Prime LMS.

Visit their website to learn how Adobe Captivate Prime supports your company's use case while working remotely.

2. Twelve

We all want to offer training that really has an impact, and digital learning brings people together, even when they are apart. Get your training programs to produce results sooner. Automate, centralize, and organize internal and external learning activities for multiple audiences without the stress of navigating a complex learning system. Make knowledge accessible and easily available. Give your workforce the tools they need to capture, share, and discover curated knowledge across your organization, on their own and in minutes. Create a single source of personalized knowledge. Direct thousands of users to a single relevant and personalized learning source that keeps them engaged and supported in the workflow. Eliminate the need for administrators to manually develop personal experiences and find the right content for each student.

You can check user reviews of the Docebo LMS in our directory to get a better idea of ​​the software experience.


  • A single platform for all use cases.
    Whether you're training employees, clients, or both, Docebo gives you the flexibility and simplicity to reach multiple audiences within a single environment to minimize pressure on administrators to manage multiple systems, while constantly contributing to a single source of truth for your entire company, whether those people work inside or outside of it.
  • Docebo Virtual Coach
    Deliver personalized virtual instruction taking advantage of the "lifelong learning" nature of Artificial Intelligence. As students interact and progress within the platform, the Virtual Trainer learns about them and their preferences, suggesting the learning paths that best suit them and motivating them to complete the courses. Students can ask questions, receive snippets of relevant content, and receive feedback on their progress. Be sure to read your e-book on understanding the intersection of artificial intelligence and human capacity at L&D.
  • Learning anytime, anywhere
    Offer your students a continuous learning experience through Docebo’s Go. Learn the mobile app. Students can even take training courses while offline, and progress is automatically tracked and synchronized with their Docebo LMS when they are back online.
  • Video conferencing tools and webinars to transform ILT into VILT simply
    Docebo's Zoom and GoToWebinar integrations make it easy to keep people connected and eliminates the need to cancel any in-person training event by hosting virtual meetings.
  • Increase collaboration with social learning through Docebo Discover, Coach & Share
    Keep your people engaged by giving them some control over the direction of their development. Give them a way to discover content that develops areas they would like to improve, share that content with colleagues who may also find it useful, and start conversations about how these lessons could be applied at work.

If you want to learn more about the Dcebo LMS, all you have to do is get in touch!

3. TalentLMS

As one of the most prominent LMSs on the market and with more than 70,000 teams in its user base, TalentLMS makes remote training easy and achievable. But it doesn't stop there. The goal of this award-winning learning management system is not just to give companies the opportunity to offer training. It is to provide companies with the possibility of creating training programs that convert a student into a fully equipped professional. So if you want a remote training solution that allows you to create meaningful training programs and shape better remote employees, this is for you.

I recommend that you read the Talent LMS reviews in the eLearning Industry directory if you are interested in a hands-on experience.


  • Develop your training easily, connect in zero time
    Whether unforeseen circumstances have put you in the position of the coach or you are an experienced training manager, TalentLMS works for everyone. Built with the end user in mind, this intuitive platform helps you create your workout from scratch or load your existing gear, no matter your level of experience.
  • Have your training always available in the cloud
    From different time zones to work overload, remote learners may face various challenges that lock their mood for training. With TalentLMS, this is not a problem, as your training program is always available in the cloud, and students can take it at their own pace, from any device. And if you need a push, you can always send automatic reminders.
  • Monitor the performance of a team you can't see with custom reports
    Tracking performance when your team works from different geographic regions can be a real obstacle. With TalentLMS, you can track who has done what, monitor how they have performed at both the team and individual levels, and then plan accordingly. Create visually appealing, personalized reports and tailor your training based on your students' strengths, weaknesses, and overall needs.

New to remote training? You can get started with your forever TalentLMS account for free and start using it in minutes.

4. GnosisConnect

Infopro Learning creates products and services that unlock the performance of L&D employees, companies and organizations. With over 25 years of experience in the corporate training industry, they know what it takes to run a successful learning organization, be it for employees or clients. The GnosisConnect LMS is designed based on an extensive business-to-business survey to identify the most commonly used LMS features, including features for delivering virtual training. This aligns your product with the training needs of modern companies.

You can find GnosisConnect reviews in our directory for more details on using this LMS software.


Its learning management tool is designed to address core challenges that prevent organizations from maximizing their return on investment from training programs:

  • Learning experience
    Infopro has created a tool that focuses on the entire learning experience to maximize content consumption, especially for students working remotely. And, if a student gets stuck on the road, he has created a chatbot with artificial intelligence technology to talk about the process and minimize support requests.
  • Tailor-made
    Your tool is customized to meet your needs, the needs of your colleagues, and most importantly, the needs of the future.
  • Easy to handle
    Infopro obviously wanted LMS administrators to love their tool. In an investigation into how organizations use their LMS platforms, Infopro found that 20% of the most commonly used features were for reporting. Therefore, these features are so important to your platform that you are never more than two clicks away from accessing relevant information, even when administrators and employees are out of the office, to effectively assess and plan your training. .

Explore a unique approach to learning management with a free trial of GnosisConnect.

5. Sap Litmos

SAP Litmos offers an award-winning eLearning solution for 22 million global users. The solution combines a powerful LMS (SAP Litmos Training) with a robust course library: SAP Litmos Training Content. It is an essential platform for any remote work strategy because it enables online training from anywhere, anytime, on any device. Plus, it's designed to engage learners with features like gamification, video-based content, and a famous, easy-to-use interface, all to improve employee retention and performance.

Head over to our directory to read the Sap Litmos review presentations made by members of the eLearning Industry community.


SAP Litmos es un LMS líder para el trabajo remoto, actualmente confiado por 22 millones de usuarios globales porque ofrece:

  • Academia de preparación remota y productividad
    Solo SAP Litmos ofrece una biblioteca de contenido gratuita, específicamente ensamblada para ayudar a las empresas a tener éxito en su estrategia de trabajo remoto. Todo lo que tiene que hacer para acceder a su contenido gratuito es registrarse en su sitio web.
  • Entrenamiento virtual e ILT
    SAP Litmos facilita la entrega de capacitación en línea e ILT virtual a través de una única plataforma unificada.
  • Mejor compromiso y experiencia de los empleados.
    SAP Litmos está diseñado para atraer a los alumnos y aumentar la experiencia de los empleados con funciones como la gamificación, el contenido basado en video y una interfaz famosa y fácil de usar.

Conozca SAP Litmos accediendo al contenido de capacitación gratuito de preparación remota (para cualquier LMS).

6. Mindflash LMS

La plataforma de aprendizaje electrónico basada en la nube de Mindflash proporciona una solución de capacitación simple e intuitiva para los empleados que trabajan desde casa, los estudiantes que realizan la transición a la escuela de origen y los profesionales que necesitan reemplazar la capacitación en el sitio. Realice la transición fácilmente a la capacitación remota con la creación de cursos en línea, la entrega móvil y la inscripción automática. Con videos integrados, animaciones y compilaciones de diapositivas personalizadas, los equipos pueden ofrecer experiencias de aprendizaje virtual personalizadas. Los equipos de capacitación también pueden mantener a los alumnos motivados con evaluaciones de cuestionarios interactivos (preguntas de opción múltiple, abiertas y secuenciación).

Siéntase libre de leer las reseñas de Mindflash LMS en nuestro directorio.


  • Soporte remoto
    Optimizado para computadoras de escritorio, computadoras portátiles, tabletas y dispositivos móviles (iOS o Android), los nuevos empleados pueden obtener acceso a cursos en cualquier lugar y en cualquier momento.
  • Creación de cursos en línea.
    Cree cursos en línea atractivos utilizando contenido existente, incluidos videos, voces en off, PowerPoints, archivos SCORM, documentos de Word y más.
  • Herramientas de informes
    Realice un seguimiento de los programas de capacitación en tiempo real con el estado de los participantes de capacitación de los empleados, la información del curso y los detalles del cuestionario.

Suena genial, ¿verdad? Vea Mindflash en acción.

7. Learn Amp

Learn Amp ayuda a las empresas a ofrecer experiencias sólidas de empleados digitales. Aprendizaje, compromiso y desarrollo del desempeño, todo en uno para apoyar a los empleados felices, comprometidos y con rendimiento. Un LMS y LXP combinados que ofrecen las mejores soluciones de aprendizaje combinado: contenido generado por el usuario, vías de aprendizaje, gestión de eventos virtuales, así como discusión social, preguntas y respuestas y herramientas de colaboración. Utilice sus herramientas de gestión remota para la incorporación, el asesoramiento y la tutoría, las comunicaciones internas, la fijación de objetivos y las evaluaciones y evaluaciones digitales individuales. Learn Amp es una aplicación de lugar de trabajo digital que proporciona un conjunto completo de herramientas para ayudar a su negocio a operar y prosperar mientras trabaja de forma remota.

Obtenga más información sobre esta experiencia de software leyendo las reseñas de los usuarios de Learn Amp en el directorio de eLearning Industry.


Una aplicación móvil receptiva que ofrece la mejor experiencia de usuario y administrador. Es simple, intuitivo y rápido de implementar, a la vez que está repleto de características para satisfacer los requisitos más complejos. Se puede integrar con las herramientas de su negocio para proporcionar un ecosistema unificado que agilice la experiencia del usuario, aumente el compromiso y disminuya la administración.

  • Eventos virtuales
    Entrenamientos únicos, coaching o sociales, o sesiones múltiples para programas de aprendizaje. Permitir "por orden de llegada" o implementar un proceso de aprobación. El aprendizaje previo, las listas de espera, la autocertificación y las evaluaciones asociadas son estándar, así como las integraciones con herramientas como Zoom y MS Teams.
  • Aprendizaje social
    Benefíciese de discusiones, preguntas y respuestas con expertos, intercambio de contenido, contenido generado por el usuario, tablas de clasificación, certificados y mucho más con su amplia suite o funciones de aprendizaje social y gamificación. Empuje o tire aprendiendo de herramientas como Slack.
  • Rastrea el impacto
    Pruebas, encuestas, ejercicios prácticos con video / audio autograbado, entrenamiento incorporado y calificación de habilidades para evaluar el impacto 360 del aprendizaje.
  • Contenido ágil
    Cree contenido en aplicaciones, cargue contenido de forma masiva y seleccione contenido de fuentes web utilizando tecnologías de aprendizaje de IA para que sus alumnos tengan el mejor contenido a pedido para responder y mejorar en estos tiempos de cambio rápido.

Uso gratuito de Learn Amp hasta finales de junio de 2020.

Lanzamiento de eBook: Trabajo remoto y capacitación virtual en ayuda de corporaciones en todo el mundo

Launch of eBook

Trabajo remoto y capacitación virtual en ayuda de corporaciones en todo el mundo

Explore cómo el lanzamiento de una estrategia de capacitación virtual lo ayudará a recuperar su programa de L&D cuando su fuerza laboral tenga que trabajar desde su casa.

Elija un LMS que pueda ayudarlo a acceder a la capacitación en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar

El LMS que elija cuando trabaje de forma remota no debería ser un desafío. Considere optar por uno que tenga una interfaz fácil de usar. Además, decida si necesita que tenga una curva de aprendizaje baja también. Tal vez un SaaS LMS podría ser la mejor opción si está buscando lo anterior.

Su herramienta LMS también debería ayudarlo en cada paso del proceso de aprendizaje. Desde la implementación y configuración hasta la implementación de su curso de capacitación en línea, todo debería funcionar sin problemas.

Al obtener un LMS que ofrece acceso a capacitación en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar, puede usarlo desde su lugar de trabajo, su teléfono móvil o la comodidad de su propia oficina de configuración doméstica. Un LMS basado en la nube almacena datos en la nube, haciéndolos accesibles desde cualquier dispositivo y desde cualquier lugar del mundo.

This offers a variety of side benefits, in addition to making work outside of the office easy and accessible. From increasing productivity to checking online training content, SaaS LMS platforms are perfect for offline viewing. Plus, such LMSs automatically sync when you go back online.

Remote Work Transition LMS Budgeting: Setting Realistic Goals

It is true that several businesses have considered cutting training budgets. However, this is not the right approach. Training your employees to face change management issues is the number one hurdle organizations have to overcome. Working remotely gives the opportunity to help your employee skills development start sooner than expected.

Businesses all around the world need to prepare their teams for the new reality. Nothing is black and white. Now is the time to prove we can adapt to new ways of offering our services. Taking a leap of faith is not enough. Your remote team needs to know where your business is going. If you’re aiming for business growth even during a crisis, training your workforce should be a number one priority. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for an LMS consultation.

Think about the ongoing maintenance, content development costs, and upgrades you might have to purchase in the future. This will help you calculate the most accurate cost of ownership and avoid spending more than you can afford in the long term. Request a detailed estimate from the LMS vendor, so that you’re able to add everything up and choose the best LMS for your budget.


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