New trailers: Lovecraft Country, Reno 911, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and more

I finally caught up with the Amazon series. undoneI wanted to be a candidate for a glimpse of a nice rotoscope style. I think I recently complained after looking back at one of these columns. Scanner Darkly, I felt like the animation wasn't being used very well, and I hardly scratched the surface of what such a dark and complex movie can do with that dreamy style. undone Get it right

The series uses dreamy expressions to tell the story of the character constantly coming in and out of memory, leaving a moment for you to return to the middle of the conversation later. It's an easy thing to overcome, but the story is based on everything, even if it helps to express how confused and sometimes cool the visual impairment feels like slipping over time.

And ultimately, the show's characters are powerful and colorful by themselves, so it's worth seeing without people constantly jumping through time and space. The rotoscoped style may have kept us at a distance, but instead the scene focuses on the eyes, mouth or hands, giving the actor more room to express, making the simple movements loud and shocking.

Check out 7 trailers starting this week below.

Lovecraft country

Jay Abrams and Jordan Peele are two of the chief producers of this new HBO series, basically summarized as follows: Jim Crow South In addition Was there a lovecraft-type monster? So far the genre looks very nice. The performance starts in August.

Painter and thief

A painter confronts a man who steals two pictures from a documentary and makes friends Painter and thief. It's a good idea to check out trailers that look like an interesting story and can give a glimpse of the relationship between the two. Especially when she started painting portraits. The movie comes out on May 22.

Reno 911

It would have been 10 years since I watched the episode. Reno 911But the revival of this show seems to have not lost a step in the stupid series I remember. The show is coming to Quibi. May 4 returns.


Amazon has a new season homecoming Janelle Monáe took the lead, which seems like a sure reason to visit the show again. The new season premieres on May 22.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Netflix finished the series a year later Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Using special episodes Choose your own adventureStyle (TM?) Technology. The revival arrives on May 12th.

Crossing Sword

Hulu has a new animated comedy from two producers. Robot chicken. The comedy is a bit cheaper, but I really like the anime style where both the character and the world look like a little woodblock toy. The show premieres on June 12th.

Jerry Seinfeld: 23 hours to kill

Here is the first real look at Jerry Seinfeld's new comedy special. There is something attractive about seeing Seinfeld's daily life. He is perfectly styled. It feels like listening to a forgotten track from an old album you loved. This special offer will be available on Netflix on May 5.


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