Meet The Beautiful Family Of Most Talented Actor Agha Shiraz And Shab Shiraz – umang

These days you are watching sitcom Ulta Seedha on play tv. Agha is an extremely talented Pakistani drama actor and director. Agha is married to Shab Shiraz. His wife Shab is a former chef on the Zaiqa television show. Using Shab to organize cooking shows on Zaiqa television. Agha and Shab are parents to a cute son. Her son's name is Amish Bin Saeed. Agha Shiraz is a Pakistani actress and model. He started his modeling career and is now considered a popular Pakistani model. He has a very smart and elegant personality. He is famous for his comedy work in the drama Dugdugi. He is a married actor. His famous series are Mausam, Ladla, Chand Babu, Black Mailer, Mohabbat Ka Aik Pehar, Direct Line and Gardish.


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