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Irsa is the mother of 2 children, including her daughter and son. Her husband's name has yet to be revealed. Irsa is the sister of Ushna Shah and daughter of former actress Ismat. She won people's hearts for her acting skills in the drama series Ruswai. Another cousin of Irsa, Faiza Gelani, is also part of the entertainment world. Irsa is one of those Pakistani actresses that the Showbiz industry has produced in recent decades. She is an amazing Pakistani television actress who continued to be part of various dramas as a supporting actress. Her unique way of speaking and her facial expressions are enough for people to make her a fan. Although Irsa belongs to an artistic formation, she has achieved all the fame on her terms. Irsa has played the roles of many genres, including negatives and positives. She was born on October 4 in Karachi. Irsa currently resides in the same city with her family. Irsa was born from the veteran actress of the 80s and 70s Ismat Tahira. The brave lady brought her 3 children alone. Her younger sister, Ushna Shah, is a leading name in the industry serving as an actress and model. His brother Sharabeel Shah is the director and producer of various plays. One of her cousins, Faiza Gillani, also belongs to the same field. Irsa is currently married. Irsa made her career in show business at a very young age. She was seen playing the role of Akbari in the popular drama series "Mirat ul Uroos". After appearing in numerous series, she took a break from the Showbiz industry and again brought her back in the 2000s. She also performed on stage "You Just Get Married Twice" directed by her brother. Irsa is an eminent Pakistani celebrity who is in fact the industry asset. She is a beautiful, striking, and dedicated artist who also won the Best Supporting Actress award for her remarkable performance in one of her series.

with her bhabie
with ushna shah
with his kids
with his son



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