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'MAHABHARAT' May 3, 2020 Episode Update: The battlefield of Mahabharata was decorated, and Arjun was angry at seeing family elders on his battlefield. Subsequently, Sir Shri Krishna explained that this war is between religion and injustice, and everyone who comes along the way of religion is like a thorn in this world that cannot reach the lotus flower. Relationships are more religious than Natas, and today warriors such as the Pittama Bishma Guru drone are blocking the path of religion.

'MAHABHARAT' May 3, 2020 Episode Update: Shri Krishna teaches Arjun

Maha Barat updated May 3, 2020

In such situations, war is essential to building weapons and building justice and religion. Earlier Arjun Vasudev tells Krishna that he cannot fight his family. He cannot kill his people on the battlefield. Arjuna says attacking them is better than asking for relief with this hand. Arjun was very angry after seeing his family on the battlefield. Arjuna Basu Eva tells Krishna that he cannot fight now. Arjuna begs Krishna to show the way in such a situation.

Vasudeva explains to Arjuna and says that the current life is not a perfect one. Anyone who considers happiness and sorrow equally is one who deserves salvation. Kill and get rid of the worry of dying. Birth is not the soul, but the soul, how can it end if the soul is not born? So the question of killing and dying is pointless. At the same time, the night before the battle of Mahabharata, all warriors gathered in the camp of Pytama Vichyma. During this period, Ganga Putra told war rules on both sides of the warriors.

Subsequently, Sir Shri Krishna went to Karna, who did not understand Ganga Putra's strategy. Why did he refuse to fight you? For Bhishma, desire is the benefit of death. That is, he will not fight as long as he is alive. At the same time, Vasudev suggested Karna to sit in the Pandavas' camp if they wanted to see a war. Karna said no. I insulted Draupadi. I will never face her. I will not be able to forgive myself by ignoring a holy woman like Sativa. At the same time, before Shikhandi was sitting in his camp, the fire of vengeance was burning. Shikhandi Ganga is preparing to kill his son Bhishma.

MAHABHARAT Written Update

Duryodhana sees Arjuna's chariots approaching and says why this Arjuna comes in the middle of the field, and our troops have more than one Maha Lati or have no fear of losing the chariots. Karna listens to Duryodhana's words and says that the tank of Vasudeva, the tank of which he is, can wander.

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