KUWK: Kim Kardashian And Kanye West ‘Arguing A Lot’ In Quarantine? – Here’s The Truth After Marriage Problems Reports!

There have been rumors that the marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West hasn't been so good lately. Apparently the famous couple had a lot of controversy in the COVID-19 outbreak quarantine & # 39 ;!

It's no secret that the married couple is now self-quarantine with four children. However, it is rumored that 24/7 is constantly together.

But the new insider is actually & # 39; fine with HollywoodLife! & # 39;

This was previously reported through Us Weekly, “Kanye is actually getting Kim's nerves.

However, the reason Kanye actually took the kids a bit to the Wyoming house is just how Kim can help her focus on what she needs to do.

Obviously, no matter how large the house, quarantine with four young children will still make it hard to work at home as the first son proved by a viral video of a funny intrusion into his mom's makeup tutorial.

The new source told HollywoodLife, “Kim needed some time to rest and Kanye took the kids. She loves children so much, but she took time like a mother. Kim needed a break from the children and every scream. She needed a peaceful, quiet time and time alone, but also had to focus on all legal research, business meetings and decision making, including SKIMS. & # 39;

They continued, 'Kani Ye's idea is gone. Kanye took the kids because she had a job to do and felt she needed peace and quiet. Despite the report, there are no problems with marriage. They are hard. They are totally wonderful and wonderful as a couple. Otherwise, you are frustrated to listen. Like other moms, Kim needs time. & # 39;



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