Fortnite hosted a Diplo concert in its new party mode

Fort Knight A new trade union "Party Royale" mode launched on Wednesday and a new map Host On Friday evening's first live concert, DJ and producer Diplo performed a set of live major Lazer, and actor and performer Jordan Fisher also appeared before and after the performance.

The concert took place on a major stage, such as a big music festival on the east side of the island. The new mode has no weapons, so attendees don't have to worry about defending themselves, making it easier to enjoy the show.

If you missed the event on Friday, there is an in-game rebroadcast scheduled for 1:00 AM EST on Saturday. According to the epic game. You can also watch the full video on Diplo's performance. GameSpot:

last week, Fort Knight Hosted several Travis Scott concerts where my colleague Andrew Webster discovered something surreal and colorful. The first show had 12.3 million concurrent participants. Fort Knight A live event attended by 10.7 million attendees at last year's Marshmello concert.

ET May 2 9:09 am update: Since this article was published, it has changed to reflect the occurrence of the event, added a video of a performance by Diplo, and mentioned that a rebroadcast is scheduled for Saturday morning.


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