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‘UTTAR RAMAYAN’ Episode Update on May 1, 2020: Ayodhya has preparations for Ashwadh Yagya. Here Little Luv-Kush uses the words of Ashwamedh. They read the challenge and ask Ram to fight. After Luv-Kush injured the commander, Shatrughan approaches Luv-Kush. Luv-Kush tells Shatrughan about starting a war or calling Ram. After this, Luv-Kush fights Shatrughan.

& # 39; UTTAR RAMAYAN & # 39; May 1, 2020 Episode Update: Luv-Kush, Shatrughan Challenge

Ramayan 1 May 2020

In this battle, Shatrughan gets Luv-Kush's arrows. Shatrughan becomes unconscious with Luv-Kush's arrows. The information is sent to the palace. Laxman and Bharat are very nervous, telling Ram about sleep. Ram is upset about which king showed such courage. Earlier, it was revealed that Sri Ram's birth anniversary in Ayodia is celebrated by offering donations to Ha Van Nya and Brahman.

Following Laxman's advice, Ram decides to perform Ashwamedha Yagya at the command of Guru Vashistha. Ram says this is a beautiful offer. And we feel guilty of killing Brahmin by killing Ravana. Therefore, Gurudev decides to perform Ashwamedha Yagya with the permission of Vashistha. Ram made a vow, but there is nothing religious without his wife. Even such Mahayagya in such a situation could not do.

Ram was not accepted as a second marriage proposal in any way. In this dilemma, Shriram says that our second marriage violates the wife's religion. There will be a solution to this problem in the scriptures. Then Guru Vasistha proposes a remedy and says that in such a situation, you can complete the religious work by creating a statue of your wife and keeping it on your behalf. Ramsey makes a gold idol of Theta. And decided to conduct Ashwamedha Yagya. He wisely invites wise men, intellectuals, and kings. Here, Sita learned about Ashwamedha Yagya, and Sita heard that she can now marry Shriram. Sita was shocked to hear this.

Ramayan written update

Twelve years later, the entire Raj family gathered. All three mothers and four sons are excited about this work, but they all miss Sita. In this religious activity, Laxman, Bharat, and Shatrughna accompany all three of their daughters-in-law, but are saddened by the lack of mother-in-law, Sita. It is said that all of us are united over time. Today, 12 years later, I felt like all my sons were sitting with you. Cow Shaya said that all the daughters-in-law would have been good when they were there. Without him, Ayodhya does not appear to be Ayodhya.

On the other hand, Val Mickey offers a holy weapon to Rub Kush. He said he would provide a sacred weapon that no one in the world has. All these weapons are used at will. When attacking them, they attack the enemy. In their summons, enemies, snakes, and demons can conquer all. Sage says not to use this weapon to conquer self. He swears all this.

Don't tell me who your mother or father is. If it's painful, I haven't asked you yet because your heart hurts. If so, what is the problem? Please let me know who you are if you raise a question today Why do you have to do Puja to meet them? Gurudev will answer all of this.

The statue of Sita Mo was created to participate in Yana. Seeing Theta's statue at first sight, you are fascinated. He got lost for a while. Ram says it is very beautiful. Ram awards craftsmanship.

Ashwamedha Yagya started. This religious work begins with Ram filling the river with water. With Ram, all subjects reach a ritual place with water in a pot left over their head. During this period, the song period continues. Meanwhile, Val Mickey performed rituals at the Sita Sangam River. After this ceremony, only Sita and Ram will meet.

In Mahayagya, yajna's words are called according to songs and methods of worship. Ram salutes and speaks. You spread Ragu Kul's reputation in four directions. At the same time, Shatrughan is sent with a horse. They say-go backwards with the army to protect this horse. Let's go in the direction you want to go. Even after reading the warning message, if someone doesn't, you can fight freely. Ragu Cool Eunji has no practice. So come before the victory. This yagya will be done only after you come.

Ram gets the information that Ashwamedha's horse wandered in four directions and entered the border of Kaushal Raj. Shatrughan will come to your feet soon. Ram is very pleased with this news. On the other hand, the horse roams the forest, and Louv Kush sees him. Luv Kush reads the information written on the horse-drawn board. The story of the fight against Ram. It is said that Kshatriyas do not withdraw from the war.

Ashwamedha yagna's horse catches Luv Kush. They read the challenge and ask Ram to fight. After Rub Kusi injured the commander, Sha Trugan approaches Rub Kusi. Luv Kush talks about making Shatrughan a war or calling Ram. Shatrughna had a war with Luv Kush.

Shatrughna battles Luv and Kush. After a long battle, Shatrughan Veer finally faded from the children's arrows. The information is sent to the palace. Laaxman and Bharat are very nervous, telling Ram about sleep. Ram is upset about which king showed such courage.

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