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ISLAMABAD: The UK announced on Saturday the first in a series of measures to provide broad support to help the poorest and most vulnerable people in Pakistan during the coronavirus outbreak.

In a statement, the British High Commission said the announcement would secure £ 2.67 million for vital health support to help Pakistan provide medical assistance to the seriously ill, build stronger systems to detect and evaluate Covid-19, as well as support communities to have the correct information. to protect themselves and others.

The commission also said it also provides £ 1 million for the rapid response aimed at controlling locusts in affected areas of Pakistan that are causing a devastating impact on crops and livelihoods.

"The broader support package that the UK will roll out in the coming weeks will reuse the Department for International Development's assistance program to ensure it helps people at risk and most vulnerable during the coronavirus response."

The £ 2.67 million funds announced by the UK on Saturday will help people in 27 districts of Pakistan. It comes alongside Prime Minister Imran Khan's appeal to the diaspora abroad to help raise funds for the Covid-19 response, and UK support for Pakistan's debt relief and group loan deferrals. G20 countries.

The high commission says £ 2.67 million will help build stronger systems to detect and test Covid-19 in 27 districts of Pakistan.

British High Commissioner for Pakistan Dr. Christian Turner said: “These are extraordinary times. Worldwide, Covid-19 is affecting millions of people. I am confident in Pakistan's resilience and ability to overcome this pandemic. £ 2.67 million UK health support will help the Pakistani government detect Covid-19, protect communities and help those most affected. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our friends in Pakistan at this difficult time. "

On April 12, the UK announced a £ 200m package to support UK charities and international organizations to help reduce mass infections in developing countries. It increases the total amount of UK aid committed to the global fight against coronavirus to £ 744 million, making the UK one of the largest donors to the international response.

UK aid will finance a £ 2.67 million package for the World Health Organization (WHO) to help improve prevention, testing and treatment services in 27 districts of Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the president of the Pakistan People's Party (PPP), Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, spoke to the British high commissioner in an effort to share information about the coronavirus pandemic, and especially about British and Pakistani victims of the disease.

In a phone conversation, the PPP president said the Sindh government was the first in the country to take swift action by closing educational institutions and subsequently initiating a strict blockade after assessing the substantial threat.

Dr. Turner appreciated the timely efforts made by the Sindh government, and both emphasized the need for global cooperation and coordination to save human lives from the deadly virus.

Posted in Dawn, April 19, 2020




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