Suhaee Abro And Andrea Maffi Wedding Pictures – Umang

A few months ago, phenomenal stage dancer and actress Suhaee Abro married Andrea Maffi in Denmark. His wedding functions include Recption and Barat celebrated in Pakistan as well. A wedding was also celebrated in Italy, the hometown of the groom Andrea Maffi. Andrea and Suhaee acted together in a short film based on Suhaee's life and soon began to like each other. In 2019 they officially become a couple. Now look at your wedding photos. Sohai Abro was diagnosed with epilepsy in her teens. Abro started her classical dance training at the age of seven from classical dancer Sheema Kermani, and acted in her first music video at the age of eight. He started appearing on telefilms when he was twelve years old. Suhaee Abro was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. Her mother, Attiya Dawood, is a well-known poet. His father Khuda Bux Abro, a visual artist, introduced him to many different types of world music. Sohail says that once she was filming and suddenly had an epileptic fit, people said to her, "Aap pey jinn charrh jata hai." This is how people treat a patient with epilepsy. Sohai is currently working to raise awareness of epilepsy among people. Suhaee is recently working on a movie called a widow, including the cast members of Sami Khan and Faysal Qureshi.


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