Samsung’s blood pressure measurement on smartwatches still a have long way to go

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is another big step towards providing blood pressure monitoring, a feature promised by Samsung since the release of the original Galaxy Watch Active in 2019. The first government agency, drug safety (MFDS) – but there are many warnings that question how useful Samsung's measurements are actually.

The first obstacle is that the app is only approved in Korea. This means users from other countries still have to wait for their government agencies to approve them. Samsung also said that the app will not be available on the Galaxy Watch Active 2 until the third quarter of this year. (Although we plan to expand the functionality to Galaxy Watch devices that will be released in the future).

Another problem is that Samsung's blood pressure measurement app does not replace the existing measurement cuff. together Venture beat For reference, the user must calibrate the app at least every 4 weeks by manually entering the readings from the standard blood pressure cuff, and each calibration requires 3 separate readings for accuracy.

That said, every time it's released, Samsung's app will help strengthen regular blood pressure tracking, not a device that can replace full-fledged features.

Nevertheless, the announcement of an official app (even in a single country) with regulatory approvals is a big step forward for Samsung. Previously, the app called My BP Lab developed by the University of California, California (UCSF) provided only blood pressure measurements for Galaxy Active and Active 2 through a very limited opt-in study.


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