Most Cutest Pictures Of Baby Star Amal Muneeb Butt With Her Love Ones – Umang

In recent photos we saw Amal Muneeb Butt playing with her Nana, just look how cute Amal looks. Recently, Aiman ​​Khan and Muneeb Butt went to the United Arab Emirates with their cute daughter Amal Muneeb Butt. This is Amal Muneeb Butt's first international trip with her parents. Aiman ​​and Muneeb are posting their photo from their UAE tour. After giving birth to their baby, this is the first time that Aiman ​​and Muneeb went abroad. Recently, an image of Amal Muneeb Butt went viral on social media by revealing that Amal Muneeb has blue eyes. In Pakistan, people die from having blue eyes and for this purpose they wear blue lenses to look unique and different from others. When her image was launched on social media with blue eyes, plump cheeks, and pink lips, people's love for the little angel increased. People are anxiously waiting to see new photos of the cute baby Amal Muneeb. If we call their famous little daughter, Amal, it's not bad because her parents have already created an Instagram account in her name.


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