Meet The Beautiful Family Of Most Neutral Pakistani Journalist Hassan Nisar – Umang

Hassan Nisar is a Pakistani writer, journalist, columnist and news analyst who is popular in Pakistan because of his bold and controversial statements. This biography will reveal how his career in journalism began and how it is balanced between his professional and family life. He was born on July 5, 1951 in the city of Faisalabad, Punjab. It was between 6 brothers, 4 sisters and a brother. He completed his education and FA from Faisalabad and then moved to Lahore from where he completed his BA (Hons.) In 1971 from Punjab University. In an interview, he revealed that his father wanted him to be a public official, but his passion was to become a movie writer. Due to family pressure, he completed his master's degree in economics, but his passion did not change and this resulted in family problems. Hassan Nisar claims that he lived in a hostel and avoided visiting his home despite receiving a large amount of rupees. 350 of his family. His career in journalism was not a deliberate choice, but an opportunity he did not miss. At one meeting, Sarwar Sukhera was inspired by his abilities and offered him a job that he happily accepted. He narrates that his first salary was Rs. 350, the exact amount he received from his parents. He became co-editor of Dhanak magazine, which was his first experience as a writer. He also got an occasional job at Radio Pakistan, which was a great opportunity for young Hassan Nisar. In 1972 Hassan Nisar married despite his friends and colleagues advising him that the time was not right to get married and get married. His first wife was Saeeda Hashmi, whom he met on Radio Pakistan, Lahore. She was a poet and that is what drew Hassan Nisar to her. But the marriage began to shake due to the difference in nature between him and his wife. In 1995 he decided to remarry and Shazia became his second wife. During interviews for a new Hassan Nisar company magazine, choose Shazia and that resulted in your marriage. From his second marriage he is the father of three children, including two sons and one daughter. Her daughter Mohammadah was the first child from her second marriage, later Hathim and Hashim were born. He is also the father of two children from his first marriage, but after the divorce they preferred to live with their mother. One of the reasons Hassan Nisar became popular was his columns. He wrote columns in Urdu for Jang, who is the main and one of the most recognized newspapers in Pakistan. Her column with the title Choraha in Daily Jang became very popular and was later published as a book. All of his latest columns are available on the official Jang Newspaper website. Later, a television show with the same name aired on Geo News, which also became popular.


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