Law enforcers block main arteries leading to areas with high incidence of Covid-19 cases in Karachi – Pakistan

Rangers and police in Karachi have blocked several highways in 11 union committees (UCs) in the city's eastern district by erecting temporary barriers and parking heavy vehicles, officials and witnesses said Sunday.

Yesterday, the Sindh government had sealed 11 UCs in the eastern district to stop the spread of the new coronavirus in the wake of increasing cases.

A notice issued by the deputy commissioner in question said that entire areas that fall within the boundaries of UC-6 Gilani Railway, UC-7 Dalmia, UC-8 Jamali Colony, UC-9 Gulshan II, UC-10 Pehalwan Goth, UC -12 Gulzar -i-Hijri, UC-13 Safoora Goth, UC-14 Faisal Cantonment, UC-2 Manzoor Colony, UC-9 Jacob Line and UC-10 Jamshed Quarters have been immediately sealed as "confirmed reports of people infected with Covid -19 residing in these areas. "

This decision was made under the Sindh Epidemic Diseases Act of 2014 and DC-East believed this step was in the "broader public interest and to prevent the widespread outbreak of Covid-19".

Police stand guard after cordoning off an area during a government-imposed national blockade as a preventive measure against the coronavirus, in Karachi on April 12, 2020. – AFP

Shortly after the order was issued, the police and Rangers cordoned off the areas to "ensure public safety."

Residents of the sealed towns said Sunrise that the water tanks had been placed at the entry and exit points to block movement. Medical stores and shops have been able to open, they said, but complained that there was a shortage of necessary items as police did not allow supply trucks to enter.

A resident of the Kaneez Fatima Society, located at UC-12 Gulzar-i-Hijri, said law enforcement officials had blocked Abul Hasan Ispahani Road by placing tank trucks near Paradise Bakery and were not allowing anyone to get out. nor enter. He said a resident wanted to go to a nearby hospital, but the police arrested him.

Pakistani police and rangers stand guard after cordoning off an area during a government-imposed national blockade as a preventive measure against the coronavirus in Karachi on April 12, 2020. – AFP

The roads leading to Super Highway and University Road have also been blocked. Tanker trucks have been parked at Kamran Chowrangi and Jauhar Chowrangi to block the route leading to Professor Ghafoor Ahmed Road, a Gulistan-i-Jauhar resident said Sunrise.

A highway leading to Pehalwan Goth was also blocked, but residents were allowed to move within the area. Some streets have been sealed off in Bhittaiabad and Safoora Goth, while Manzoor Colony and Jacob Lines are under partial closure, according to residents.

No lock on DHA, Clifton

Meanwhile, Karachi Commissioner Iftikhar Shalwani denied reports that Defense Housing Authority or Clifton locations are being closed. The Superior Superintendent of Police (South) also dismissed the reports.

The commissioner confirmed that Carrefour, Dolmen City Mall, had been ordered to close for failing to enforce prescribed preventive measures.




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