Josh Gad Reunites The Goonies Cast For Live Stream Monday — Don’t Miss It, Watch Live Streaming Online!

"Connie never dies!" Now, thanks to Josh Gad from Frozen, the entire cast of the popular movie is live together! Old needs The cast reunion will mark the 35th anniversary of the founding of the film and will be a charity event for The Center for Disease Philanthropy. Released on June 7, 1985 Gunny It was a cult classic and lived as a childhood favorite for many generations. The reunion will take place on Monday, April 27, 2020 at 9:00 AM (Pacific Standard Time) at 12:00 PM. It is ET and will be held on Josh Gad's official YouTube channel. Joining the streams are Corey Feldman (Mouth), Sean Astin (Mikey), Kerri Green (Andy), Ke Huy Quan (Data) Martha Plimpton (Stef), Jeff Cohen (Chunk) and Josh Brolin (Brand). There will be additional surprise guests to be revealed during the show.

Sean Astin, who played Mikey, told Josh Gad who had a great idea to reunite the entire cast. He announced the announcement when the news was terminated on his official Twitter account. Josh Gad announced:

"There is one movie that defines my childhood. A movie that defines my personality. One movie that defines me. Please apply tomorrow at 9 am (Pacific Time) and 1 am (Pacific Time). #TheCenterForDisasterPhilanthropy When I reunite the whole #TheGoonies ”

The join announcement with Sean Astin may be shown below. Josh Gad is now the official Honor Goonie!

The reunion is Josh Gad's first in a series titled “Reunited Apart,” and fans are waiting to go up to Cloud 9 and gather Gunny in one place.

You can see Gunny YouTube reunion live stream from the website or from Josh Gad's official channel on the video player below. It has a live chat panel so that fans can chat with other fans. I'm not sure if the cast will ask the fan question, but it seems likely. However, due to the large expected turnout, chats may scroll too quickly to see many individual questions.

Sean Astin was excited by the fans, chanting Mikey's Troy & # 39; s Bucket monologue.

Corey Feltman is promoting his documentary (My) Truth: Rape of 2 Coreys We shared on Twitter that it was great to join the cast for something bright and fun during this challenging time.

Watch the 35-year anniversary special “Reunited Apart” hosted by Josh Gad Gunny?



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