India Welcomes Donald Trump Official Visit – Umang

US President Donald Trump was enthusiastically welcomed during his first official visit in India on the 24th and sounded like a dream. In addition to giving a speech in front of large citizens on the same day, Taj Mahal visited Donald Trump.

However, there are many opportunities to take photos on this visit, but no specific results are expected.

India Welcomes Donald Trump Official Visit
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President Trump called right-wing prime minister "Great Leader of India" at the world's largest cricket stadium in Gujarat, home of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. compliment.

“The United States loves India. The United States respects India, and the United States will remain a loyal and loyal friend to the people of India, ”says Trump. High tide has been reached. Subsequently, Trump and his wife Melania Trump traveled by air and arrived in Taj Mahal. Before sunset, UNESCO visited a marble building called “The Treasure of Islamic Art”.

Spicily Some parts Donald Trump has been pre-coated with mud to remove dirt. We tried to reduce the smell along the nearby river.

Behind Trump and Modi's daily actions and close intimacy are Trump's first US campaign and Modi's Make in India slogan. There are conflicting tensions.

The two leaders aren't an extensive trade agreement, but some US motorcycle manufacturers report that Harley-Davidson will only sign small contracts for motorcycles and dairy products.

The first half of the video was a rally held at a stadium near Ahmedabad, India. Later, Mrs. Trump visited Taj Mahal.


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