How To Choose The Right eLearning Authoring Tool

What to consider before choosing an eLearning authoring tool

There are multiple factors that can influence the effectiveness of your eLearning course. Online training content should speak to employee training participants in a way that they can understand. The technology you use must be within your capacity. Not overly complex, but not so "silly" that they end up feeling condescending. The eLearning authoring tool you select has an important role to play. Its tools and features allow you to connect online training modules to suit your audience. So what must-have items to consider? Here are 7 crucial questions to ask before investing in new eLearning authoring tools.

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1. What is our definition of "easy to use"?

This covers several areas. Your eLearning authoring tool decides the technology level of your online training course. You need the ability to design user-friendly interfaces and intuitive navigation. For example, touchscreens are easy to use for employee training participants. Participants will be happy if they can pinch to zoom or stretch to zoom. This could be useful for everything from enlarging fonts to exploring detailed images. But it only works if your eLearning authoring tool allows you to integrate those features into your online training course with ease. You should also give your team the flexibility they need to create meaningful online training content. So you must walk the fine line between ease of use and functionality. For example, it is so simplistic that its eLearning course developers cannot produce immersive simulations because it limits their creative freedom.

2. How much can we allocate to the new eLearning creation tools?

We don't think about it often, but there are two separate items to budget for. You start with a general limit. Then you explore what you can get within those limits. The best online training course in the world could cost $ 5,000. But if you only have $ 500 available then you need to adjust your criteria. You have to look at two $ 500 eLearning authoring tools. Maybe one has translators but no text-to-speech readers. And the other has subtitles but has no branding options. Observe the group of training participants of your employees, assess their training needs online and decide which characteristics are most crucial to your experience. Be open to the idea of ​​investing in more than one eLearning authoring tool for different eLearning development needs. Just make sure they are compatible with each other. Which brings us to the next crucial question.

3. Will the new eLearning creation tool be combined with our current software package?

As an integrated eLearning company, you probably have active software. They can be payroll systems, accounting software, digital asset managers, or an LMS that covers all of the above. Your new eLearning authoring tool needs to connect to that or be versatile enough to take care of all those activities. Your best move is to talk to the providers of your existing software. Ask them if they offer, or can recommend, eLearning authoring tools that integrate well with theirs. But that only applies if you are satisfied with your existing software. If not, take a full look and make sure your new e-learning and management tools work well together.

4. Does it align with our team's skill set?

Similar to the previous point, your eLearning authoring tool will be managed by eLearning content developers and encoders. They will work with him to design and implement new online training courses. You want to make sure they can really work with it. Get your opinion on the technical side of things. How coded is your potential eLearning authoring tool? Do you use programming languages ​​with which you are familiar? What is the online training content upload process? Is the content creation system something your eLearning content expert can work with? Is it just typing, dragging and dropping or do they need some basic backend skills?

5. Is it compatible with multimedia and interactive online training resources?

On the subject of eLearning content development, good eLearning courses are interesting. They require the direct and active participation of online students. Additionally, to cater to employee training participants with different learning preferences, it is helpful to offer the same online training content in multiple media: text, audio, video, graphic novels, etc. Make sure your eLearning authoring tool has the ability to build all of these formats. You must also have the correct buttons, icons, and functionality for interactive online training items.

6. Can you go mobile easily?

This is a feature that we could easily take for granted. It is such a basic feature that we assume everyone has it. But you should always double check. Can your eLearning authoring tool create applications from scratch? If not, can you optimize online training tools for mobile devices? Before you start shopping, decide if you prefer native apps or mobile optimization. Then confirm that your new eLearning authoring tool is on the right side of that decision.

7. What level of support do we require?

Some eLearning course creation tool providers offer advanced support options, such as 24/7 phone assistance with a technician. But they often have a higher cost. Therefore, you must determine how much support you need and are willing to pay. If the eLearning authoring tool is intuitive and your team is experienced with it, you can get away with basic support services.

ELearning authoring tools are the biggest influence on the success of your eLearning program. Employee motivation, acceptance, and ability are important, but if the online training course is poorly developed, you will be doomed from the start. How can you make sure you buy the right eLearning authoring tool? Find out how easy it is to use and how well it matches your existing software and internal technology skills. Confirm how well you facilitate group online training activities. See if you can code online training courses for mobile devices with interactive multimedia formats. Finally, balance your "must have" features with your budget.

ELearning Authoring Tools Comparison Guide – How to Choose the Right Platform for Developing Custom eLearning Content is your guide to help you analyze, compare and contrast all possible eLearning authoring tools that complement your organization's goals. Download it to find out how you can choose the best platform for developing personalized e-learning content.


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